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In this video Eric Gilmour and myself discuss the important question of “Should I Expect An Experience Every Time I Pray?”

What is the proper expectation in prayer? Should the experience of the presence of God be a normal part of a person’s prayer life or is this reserved for special occasions?

When we come to Jesus we are coming to a living individual. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to a bible study. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to an IPOD. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to a prayer list. Coming to Jesus is coming to a LIVING individual. And He is a highly experiential God!

Without His active participation in our lives the heavens would be silent, for He is the one who reveals the voice of God in our hearts.
The more we give the Holy Spirit’s presence a place of honor in our lives, the more sensitive we become to His voice. It’s this fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit that sharpens our spiritual sensitivity and makes our hearts better able to hear the voice of the Lord when He speaks to us.

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  • Theophilus Chondol

    I am blessed listening to your messages and testimonies of God’s work! Glory to His name and welcome sir for the good work.

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