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#4 – What Prevents People from Experiencing God in Prayer?

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 30, 2015  /     Devotional, Experiencing God, Quotes, Teachings, Video, Videos  /     0 Comment

This week, Daniel and Eric discuss how a person can experience God in prayer right now and the reason that so many have difficulty in this area.

“The experience of God is so rare because scattered minds are so common.” ~ Eric Gilmour

They key then, to experiencing God is prayer, is setting all of one’s attention and affection on God, as Madame Guyon said, “Prayer is nothing but the application of the heart to God, and the internal exercise of love.”

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A Powerful Salvation Story (WATCH)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 29, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Testimonies, Video, Videos  /     1 Comment

Isha Bejeru was trapped in a lifestyle of sexual perversion and drug abuse before she met Jesus at a Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1999. That night, as she witnessed supernatural healings and miracles, her heart was opened to the Gospel. She believed that If Jesus could do these miracles He could set her free from her bondages. She surrendered her life to Christ has been a changed woman ever since. That was more than 15-years ago. Today she is married with children of her own. She is still free and is still following Jesus. Her life is a testimony to the power of the Gospel. This is Isha’s story.

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Is What You’re Living for Worth Christ Dying For? (VIDEO)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 28, 2015  /     Articles, Devotional, LIVE Before You Die, Teachings, Video, Videos  /     0 Comment

“If I were to save your life, what would you do?” This was the question that Cyrus, the King of Persia asked to a rebel chieftain named Cagular whom he had captured and was about to execute. Cagular replied, “King, I would serve you the rest of my days”. We would tend to see Cagular’s pledge of allegiance and service to Cyrus as nothing more than a reasonable and expected obligation in exchange for the Kings merciful pardon. Cagular also recognized that because he was saved, he was compelled to serve.

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Should I Expect An Experience Every Time I Pray?

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 23, 2015  /     Articles, Experiencing God, Video, Videos  /     1 Comment

What is the proper expectation in prayer? Should the experience of the presence of God be a normal part of a person’s prayer life or is this reserved for special occasions?

When we come to Jesus we are coming to a living individual. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to a bible study. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to an IPOD. Coming to Jesus isn’t coming to a prayer list. Coming to Jesus is coming to a LIVING individual. And He is a highly experiential God! (More…)

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I Don’t Believe in Atheists

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 22, 2015  /     Articles, Teachings  /     142 Comments

I have issued three public challenges (not to mention several private ones) to the more than 215,000 followers on my Facebook page for atheists to provide specific qualified evidence for Darwinian evolution. Each time, my challenge has been met with deafening silence. Yet, when I say something about faith in God or the wonder of […]

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Deaf Ear Opens on Platform! (VIDEO)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 22, 2015  /     Articles, Cameroon, Crusade, Testimonies, Video, Videos  /     4 Comments

The moving video below tells the story of Titi Bongo who was deaf in both ears for 17 years. She was rejected by family members and failed in school. She felt like a prisoner in solitary confinement and wanted to take her own life.

In January of 2014, Christ for all Nations visited Titi Bongo’s city of Yaoundé, Cameroon. Hundreds of thousands gathered that week to experience the Gospel. On the second night, as evangelist Daniel Kolenda was praying for the sick, Titi began to feel an intense burning in her ears and realized one of her ears could hear. What happens next will amaze you.

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God, The Master Artist (Watch)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 21, 2015  /     Articles, Devotional, LIVE Before You Die, Teachings, Video, Videos  /     0 Comment

Before any masterpiece comes into being, it first exists in somebodies mind. Before a paint brush strokes a canvass. Before a chisel touches the stone. Before a piece of clay is placed on the potter’s wheel. Before the artist has a painting or a sculpture or a piece of pottery. Before the artist has anything tangble. First and foremost the artist has a dream, an intention, an inspiration. In the artist’s mind he sees what he’s going to create even before he creates it. It’s almost as though it existed before it existed.

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Why Don’t I Feel God Sometimes?

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 16, 2015  /     Articles, Devotional, Experiencing God, Teachings, Video, Videos  /     5 Comments

Why don’t I feel God sometimes? Why do I feel Him on one occasion and not another? What should I expect to experience in communion with the Lord? In this episode Eric Gilmour and Daniel Kolenda discuss these critical questions about feeling God’s presence. This video is the first in a series being launched on […]

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Deaf and Dumb Spirit Leaves During Worship!

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 15, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, Crusade, Posted from Burundi, Testimonies, Video, Videos  /     0 Comment

This young woman lost her hearing and speech after being taken to witchdoctors as a little girl. In July of 2014, after suffering for 16 years, she attended a Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade in Bujumbura, Burundi. During the worship she noticed a change beginning to take place. In that meeting she was delivered […]

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What Are You Living For?

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Jan 14, 2015  /     Articles, Devotional, LIVE Before You Die, Teachings, Videos  /     0 Comment

Westminster Abbey is the final resting place of some of history’s most illustrious British personalities; men like William Wilberforce, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton and David Livingstone. These men are known because of what they stand for and what they lived for. On the south choir Isle there hangs a memorial to John and Charles […]

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