Eric Gilmour and I discuss the true meaning of worship and how it differs from common modern concepts. “We should never let the means of worship eclipse the object of worship.” […]

But, I Don’t Have Time to Pray

  Everybody loves to sing, ‘I love His presence.’ But I’ll tell you who really loves His presence: the person who spends time with Jesus. Your calendar testifies more truly [...]

Getting A Breakthrough In Prayer

For one reason on another, many people feel something holding them back as they seek to go deeper in God. In this video Eric Gilmour and I discuss how to break […]

Meditation In Prayer

Eric Gilmour and I discuss the Biblical practice of meditation and it’s proper place in our prayer lives. Have you felt that you have to perform in prayer? This may […]

When God Seems Distant

Eric Gilmour and I discuss wilderness experiences and what to do in the seasons when God seems distant. If you’re going through a time in the wilderness right now, take a […]