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Dear Missions Partners,

We are right in the middle of something that is historical and significant, the Operation Decapolis! It’s the culmination of more than two years of planning in obedience to the word of the Lord. In my very first email to you last week I told you about all the exciting steps that has led to this moment. We are so grateful to have you partner with us in the Decade of Double Harvest! We are truly seeing the fruit right now, here in Tanzania! 

Tonight we began our first night of our two Gospel Crusades taking place simultaneously in Arusha and Singida, Tanzania. In Arusha, Evangelist Nathan Morris preached a fiery gospel message and in Singida, I preached and had Evangelist Paul Maurer with me. 

Please read below a summary from Nathan’s night in Arusha and Paul’s night in Singida. I know you will be encouraged and blessed!

From Evangelist Nathan Morris:


“We just completed our first night in the city of Arusha, Tanzania. What an honor it is to join with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN team to preach this glorious Gospel! 

As I entered the field tonight, I could immediately sense the anticipation and expectancy of the large crowd that had already gathered, waiting to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I preached ‘Behold The Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world’, and thousands responded to the call of salvation. 

Almost immediately after the prayer, miracles began to happen as the Holy Spirit moved upon the precious people of Tanzania. Many people started to dance and give praise to God as they listened to each testimony of healing! 

Here is just a sample of some of the testimonies we heard tonight.

  • A lady who had been blind in her left eye for the last 14 years testified that she had regained her eyesight! She was completely healed as we tested her vision.
  • A lady was crying, declaring that the Lord had healed her right ear, which was completely deaf. She testified the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her and opened up her deaf ear.
  • A 6-year-old boy who suffered with a growth was brought up to the stage with his mother. She testified how the growth in her son had disappeared from his body! 

We give Jesus all the praise. Please keep all the team in your prayers. May we reap a mighty harvest! Amen.”

From Evangelist Paul Maurer:


“Yesterday I did a 30-minute live radio show here in Singida to invite everyone to the gospel crusade. There is only one radio station in the city, and I hear that the radio is very popular here. It was a great way to invite the city to the crusade! The city is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, so I invited all the Christians and Muslims to come to the crusade to get their miracle from God. 

Before the crusade meeting tonight Evangelist Gary Smith and I had a parade and caravan around the city. The locals were playing music as we drove through the main streets. We were waving at the people and inviting them to the crusade. The people here in Singida were so happy to see us! They are so friendly.  

Right before the crusade, a big storm came through the area, and there was heavy rain. It was pouring outside, but it didn’t stop what God wanted to do! Right before Evangelist Daniel Kolenda got up to preach, the sky cleared up, and there was no more rain.  

Tonight Evangelist Kolenda preached a powerful message on the blood of Jesus! He passionately told the people that the blood of Jesus cleanses us, heals us, protects us, and purchased us. He had the undivided attention of the people the whole message, and when he gave the altar call, thousands made a decision for Jesus!  

Many were healed tonight as Evangelist Kolenda prayed for the sick:

  • A lady came to the meeting with severe pain in her waist. She sold fruit in the market place, and it was frustrating because she could not lift the fruit and other things because of the pain. Jesus touched her at the meeting. The pain left, and she was completely healed. 
  • A lady had pain in her head and back for three months. As Daniel Kolenda was praying for the sick, she prayed, “Jesus don’t pass me by.” Soon after, all the pain disappeared, and she was healed.
  • A lady had terrible pain in the back of her foot for one year. It was so bad that when she walked to the meeting tonight she could only put weight on the front of her toes. During healing prayer, Jesus touched her and healed her. She can now walk pain-free!
  • A lady had pain in her wrist and elbow for 1.5 months. She heard a word of knowledge spoken that God was healing someone’s wrist. Immediately she said she felt something more throughout her wrist and elbow, and she is completely healed.  
  • A lady said she had waist pain and had a hard time walking since June. She said that she could not even walk to the crusade on her own. Her 11-year-old son heard about the crusade and said, “Mom if you go to the crusade Jesus will heal you.” During the healing prayer, strength entered her body, and now she can walk without pain!
  •  A lady could not walk and had severe pain in her legs for three years. Jesus touched her tonight, the pain left her legs, and she can now walk perfectly.
  • A young girl had severe leg and waist pain for two years. After healing prayer, all the pain left, and she was healed.
  • A lady had itchy skin for some time. It was very severe, and her whole body felt itchy. During prayer, Jesus touched her, and she stopped itching.
  • A man had severe leg pain for ten years. He would sit down, and a few minutes later, he would be in extreme pain. Jesus healed him tonight, and all the pain left.”

Thank you for praying for us here in Tanzania. More to come tomorrow!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

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