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Dear Friends,

 The Great African Outpouring continues here in Karu, Nigeria! It is truly remarkable and sovereign what Jesus is doing.

 This morning Rev. Peter Van den Berg and I ministered at the Fire Conference and the Holy Spirit fell on the thousands of pastors that gathered in a powerful way. I am sure that the impact will be felt in Karu for decades to come.

 Tonight the crowd grew to over 300,000 and it is no exaggeration to say that multitudes received Christ. All of Heaven must be rejoicing. There were also many outstanding miracles.

 –  A man who was totally paralyzed for 34 years was healed tonight. He had been unable to stand, sit, or even feed himself, but during the prayer, strength came into his body and he rose up and walked!

 –  A girl who had been totally deaf and dumb for 10 years suddenly began to hear and speak!

 –  A young man brought a diagnosis from 2006 that said he was HIV positive. But after receiving prayer last night, he went for another test this morning. He also brought that report and I read it to the crowd…”HIV Negative”!

 Many other amazing miracles took place you can see a few of them in the attached pictures.

 Tomorrow night is the final meeting here in Karu and we believe that Jesus has saved the best for last. Please continue to pray.

 Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk

This young girl had been deaf and dumb for 10 years and is now able to hear and speak!

A man healed of HIV brings his report to prove he is healed!!

The crowd grew to over 300,000-Karu, Nigeria August 2010

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  • Aryl

    Thank God for all these healing! Yesterday 7th November 2010 Pastor Daniel was at our church at Rhema Randburg in Gauteng,There was so much of People gave their lives to Jesus Christ!

  • pyennap silva selfa

    i have never witnessf such an electrifying gathering all my 42yrs. the impact on me in particular and karu in general cannot be subdued by any force,till the end of time,which is pretty near!

  • Meylibe

    thank God for all this!
    Greetings from Venezuela.

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