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Dear Friends,

Tonight was the final meeting of our Gospel campaign here in Karu, Nigeria and the attendance peaked at 450,000 people!  Watching the multitudes streaming onto the field by the thousands one pastor said, “It looks like the Children of Israel entering the Promised Land”.  As Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preached the Gospel tonight, the people were absolutely captivated and they responded with such eager enthusiasm that when they prayed, calling upon the name of Jesus for salvation, it seemed as if the ground was trembling. 

After the prayer for the sick we heard many wonderful testimonies including that of a woman, paralyzed for 15 years who was totally healed.  Another woman who was totally blind in both eyes for 3 years can now see.  A young man who had hepatitis brought the results from a test he got today after receiving prayer…he is healed.  A woman with a large lump in her right breast told us how it suddenly vanished.  Praise the Lord!

Thank you for praying for us and sending us…it truly is harvest time.  You are a part of our team and we rejoice together at the many thousands of salvations and miracles that took place this week. I’m sure that Karu will never be the same again.  The final figures from the decision card count will follow as soon as we receive them.

Together in the Harvest,

Evangelists Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke

Together with the whole CfaN Team

Pictures by O. Volyk

Over 450,000 in the crowd on the final night-Karu, Nigeria August 2010

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  • Houseworth

    This is powerful. Awesome pictures.

    Rev Houseworth

  • David Okoye

    Hello Evangelist,

    What a great time we had at Karu, I was there all through. It was my opportunity to witness this great gospel at work live. I was greatly inspired by the number of souls that made commitment to Jesus every night. The miracles were just outside the box-big! I incidentally ran into the brother of that boy who was healed of HIV, he was wondering as we worked home together that night-he couldn’t believe what had happened – indeed Jesus is so amazing. I had my best moments during the 3-day fire conference. Thank God for you and Rev. Peter. I can’t thank God enough for letting me participate in this great outpouring. I pray that the
    lord would continue to empower you for His service and that you remain faithful to the call. Blessings.

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