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250,000 attend 3rd night of the Christ for all Nations campaign in Karu, Nigeria - August 2010

Dear Friends,

Hold on to your hats!  When we arrived at the field tonight we saw how piles of stolen belongings had been surrendered by thieves to be turned over to the authorities. Also, many idols and witchcraft items were brought to be burned!  Once they went up in smoke I began to pray for the people breaking every devilish curse in the mighty name of Jesus and amazing things began to happen!  Demons started manifesting, healing was spontaneously breaking out all across the field and many bondages were instantly broken. An insane woman suddenly came to her senses. Cripples began to walk, people blind, deaf and dumb were instantly healed. The crowd of 250,000 was ecstatic; dancing and singing for joy. It was holy chaos…I wish you could have seen it!!

 Just as we were finishing the meeting the rain started to pour and even now is coming down outside my window. Although this is the rainy season and a risky time to hold open air meetings, so far the Lord has kept the rain from disturbing a single meeting and we are rejoicing!

 Also…tomorrow is the final day of the FIRE conference and we are sure there will be a mighty outpouring of Holy Spirit baptism.

 Please keep praying for the 3 remaining meetings of this campaign and the many thousands that have yet to hear the Gospel. The best is yet to come!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk


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  • Pastor David Vivas

    Bro. Daniel,

    You are doing the works of Jesus. This is so incredible to see God using you to reach these precious people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Your friend & brother in Christ,

    Pastor David Vivas
    Delano, California

  • Alberto Conde

    Wow! that is so amazing Daniel, I am holding you in my prayers, You are a Champion in the right place for God’s purpose!
    Thank you for sharing this Great News, my spirt jumps in joy to see what God is doing with the wonderful people in Nigeria!

    Bless you Daniel.

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