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The Rest of the Story – With Video and Pictures

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 24, 2010  /     Articles, Nigeria  /     0 Comment

….He says, “I was standing very close to the lady who had the spinal cord injury and was using crutches but got healed tonight. I was standing very close to her in the crowd. For most part of the meeting she sat down on a chair and stood up at intervals with the aid of her crutches. I often turned back to look at her as I also believed God for her healing to. As Evangelist Kolenda prayed, she stood up and as the prayer went on, suddenly I felt somebody hit me and scream, ‘I can walk’…..(Continued)

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Harvest Time – Karu, Nigeria – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 23, 2010  /     Articles  /     2 Comments

Tonight was the final meeting of our Gospel campaign here in Karu, Nigeria and the attendance peaked at 450,000 people! Watching the multitudes streaming onto the field by the thousands one pastor said, “It looks like the Children of Israel entering the Promised Land”. As Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preached the Gospel tonight, the people were absolutely captivated and they responded with such eager enthusiasm that when they prayed, calling upon the name of Jesus for salvation, it seemed as if the ground was trembling.

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The Outpouring Continues – Karu, Nigeria – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 21, 2010  /     Articles  /     3 Comments

A young man brought a diagnosis from 2006 that said he was HIV positive. But after receiving prayer last night, he went for another test this morning. He also brought that report and I read it to the crowd…”HIV Negative”!

Many other amazing miracles took place you can see a few of them in the attached pictures. Tomorrow night is the final meeting here in Karu and we believe that Jesus has saved the best for last. Please continue to pray.

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Holy Chaos – Karu, Nigeria – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 20, 2010  /     Articles  /     2 Comments

Hold on to your hats! When we arrived at the field tonight we saw how piles of stolen belongings had been surrendered by thieves to be turned over to the authorities. Also, many idols and witchcraft items were brought to be burned! Once they went up in smoke I began to pray for the people breaking every devilish curse in the mighty name of Jesus and amazing things began to happen! Demons started manifesting, healing was spontaneously breaking out all across the field and many bondages were instantly broken. An insane woman suddenly came to her senses. Cripples began to walk, people blind, deaf and dumb were instantly healed. The crowd of 250,000 was ecstatic; dancing and singing for joy. It was holy chaos…I wish you could have seen it!!

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