808,190 Recorded Decisions in Karu/Nigeria

The first Gospel Campaign of the 2010-2011 season concluded on Sunday and we have just received the count of decision cards that were collected last week from people who received Jesus as Savior [...]

Harvest Time – Karu, Nigeria – Day 5

Tonight was the final meeting of our Gospel campaign here in Karu, Nigeria and the attendance peaked at 450,000 people! Watching the multitudes streaming onto the field by the thousands one [...]

Holy Chaos – Karu, Nigeria – Day 3

Hold on to your hats! When we arrived at the field tonight we saw how piles of stolen belongings had been surrendered by thieves to be turned over to the authorities. Also, many idols and [...]

Glory in Karu – Karu, Nigeria – Day 1

15 years ago, Karu, Nigeria was known as “The One Man Village” because of its incredibly small population. Tonight – the first night of this campaign – more than 110,000 people poured onto the [...]

Out of Season, but Right on Time

We have just arrived in the city of Karu in Nigeria where the people have been waiting for our arrival with great anticipation. It is officially the beginning of the 2010-2011 Crusade season and [...]