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Dear Missions Partners, 

Our team has travelled and made it to the cities where we will hold our next two crusades beginning this week. As preparations are underway, I wanted to share with you the other amazing reports from our very fruitful crusades with our guest Evangelists from this past week. For tonight, I will share the reports from Evangelists Daniel King and Paul Maurer from their second to last night in Kahama, Tanzania! Please read them below:

From guest Evangelist, Daniel King:

“The third day of the crusade in Kahama, Tanzania, started with rain. As the music began, there were only a few people close to the stage. Most people were huddled around the edges of the crusade grounds trying to find shelter from the rain under overhanging roofs.

We began to pray, “God, please send rain to the farmers, but not to the crusade.” Soon, a breeze stirred and pushed the rain clouds away. When the people saw the clear sky, they left cover and ran forward to find a spot on the crusade grounds.

I preached a simple Gospel message about how God created us, how He loves us, how He came to save us and how He heals us!

When I gave the altar call, thousands of people prayed with me to receive their salvation. By lifting their hands they indicated they were ready to turn away from sin and turn toward Jesus. After the salvation prayer, the counsellors gave away copies of Reinhard Bonnke’s book, “Now that You are Saved” to all the new believers while taking down their details on the decision card for follow up. Then I talked about the final miracle…‘How God Heals.’

On this special night, I also had guest Evangelist, Paul Maurer with me, please see his report on some of the miracle testimonies that were shared below.

Following the testimonies, the crowd danced and shouted with joy at all that God had done. I asked the people to come on the final night of the crusade to hear from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and to bring a friend. Anticipation is high in the city of Kahama, Tanzania, to see what miracles God will do on the final night of the crusade.”

From guest Evangelist, Paul Maurer:

“It was raining when we left the hotel for the crusade tonight, and there were grey clouds, but the Lord held back the rain! When we got to the crusade grounds, there was so much joy and rejoicing as people were praising God! Evangelist Daniel King preached a dramatized message called, “The four miracles in the Bible” that really captivated the people. Thousands came to Jesus as the call for salvation was given. 

Tonight, there were so many miracles and healings that the people were dancing to celebrate all that Jesus did!

  • A lady had pain in her legs for ten years. The pain was mostly in her knees, and after prayer, all the pain is gone.
  • A man had a stroke three years ago. Because of the stroke, he could not walk properly, and he had to use a cane. After prayer, he can now walk without a cane. 
  • A lady had problems with her eyes. She had a type of double vision. Jesus healed her, and now she sees clearly. 
  • A lady had lots of pain in her stomach and her legs. She also had high blood pressure and could not lift her arms because of a shoulder problem. After the healing prayer, all the pain left, and she can now lift her arms.  
  • For ten years a lady would have to take injections to eat because of stomach problems. Jesus touched her, and now she can eat without the injections.
  • A lady said she was completely deaf for five years. Jesus touched her, and now she can hear. Her ears were not 100% better but much better. 
  • A lady had ringing in her ears for 14 years and had hearing problems. Jesus touched her, and all the ringing was gone, and her ears were completely healed.
  • A lady had blurred vision for five years. It was so bad that she could not see the faces of her children. Her right eye was completely healed, and she can now see.  
  • A girl was carried to the meeting by her parents. She was in a lot of pain for the past week, and someone had to help her walk as she could not stand by herself. After prayer, she was healed and can walk on her own.
  • A lady could not walk because of a hip problem. The Doctor said that her hip needed to be replaced. She was in extreme pain. Jesus healed her and now the woman can walk and even dance.  
  • A 14-year-old teenage girl was completely deaf in her right ear for three years. Jesus touched her, and now she can hear perfectly.

We are so excited by what the Lord is doing in the city of Kahama, Tanzania!”

Truly God is pouring out His Spirit upon the precious people of Tanzania, and there are still two more Gospel crusades taking place this week. Be on the lookout tomorrow for more recaps from this past week! 

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

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