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Dear Missions Partners,

Tonight I preached in the city of Shinyanga, Tanzania – the first of the five cities where I will preach over the next two weeks. It is so amazing to me that this is happening despite the worldwide pandemic. It’s also amazing to see evangelists that graduated from the Bootcamp just a few months ago, like Jim and Kathy Leamon (who have helped organize this event in Shinyanga), taking such a strong leading role in the organization of these amazing events. The crusades in each of the cities are being organized by Bootcamp graduates – and the results have been outstanding. 

Tonight, after I preached the Gospel I asked three of the Bootcamp graduates here in Shinyanga to help minister to the sick. Micheline Harfouche, Victoria Osborne, and David Rotärmel, all ministered with great anointing, and powerful miracles took place. Tumors vanished, injured body parts were healed, and a man’s deaf ear opened. Victoria had a word of knowledge about a woman with a tumor on her neck. Soon that woman came to the platform and testified of her healing! The other cities had tremendous breakthroughs as well. Here are updates from Daniel King and Jared Horton – the evangelists that preached tonight in the other two cities:

Tabora, Tanzania:

Evangelist Jared Horton writes: “…Tonight I preached on the blood of Jesus Christ! Before the meeting, the locals gave me a list of the false gods of this city. As I was going over my notes with the interpreter, I told him that we were going to call out each false god by name and break their power over the city in the name of Jesus. My interpreter said, “Actually we should not do that, it could cause problems.” Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has told us that sometimes the interpreters are full of fear and are afraid that the witch doctors could put a curse on them if they publicly call out these false gods. As I continued going over the plan for the night, he finally agreed to go through with it. Later, after we finished our interpreter meeting, I saw him at the end of the container trailer, praying and going after God with great intensity. He was getting prepared for what we were about to do. 

As we called out each false god, again, just like last night, people began to manifest demons all over the field, but this time there were more. Jako Hugo, who has helped with CfaN crusades for 14 years said, he has never seen the deliverance tent so full. We believe we are seeing this type of response because of the deep dark area of witchcraft we are in. 

One thing for certain is you can clearly see that the BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE NAME OF JESUS HAS POWER! When we began to call on Jesus in the meeting, people began manifesting all over the field, and one by one, they are carried to the deliverance tents. This is proof that Jesus is winning and the devil is losing! 

After we broke the power of witchcraft over the city, we prayed for the sick. Here are some powerful testimonies from tonight. 

  • A lady whose left arm was paralyzed, was miraculously healed. She came on the platform to testify and demonstrate for us how she could use her arm again. 
  • A lady who had painful ulcers for one year testified that she was completely healed. All the pain in her body left during the prayer. 
  • A lady who was at the meeting last night came today to testify of her healing last night. She had the issue of blood for 20 years. Today she confirmed that she was completely healed! 
  • A Muslim lady who had numbness on both legs received her healing and made Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior! 
  • A young lady who had pain in her stomach for 18 months was completely healed. 
  • A paralyzed lady was carried to the deliverance tent. As soon as she was delivered from demons, she also received her full complete healing.

Kahama, Tanzania:

Evangelist Daniel King writes: “Today’s crusade meeting was scheduled to begin at 2 pm, but at 1 pm rain was falling from the sky. The Christians knew that people would be hesitant to come if it was raining, so they started to pray. Slowly, the sky cleared and soon the rain completely stopped… 

Tonight I preached on the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof. In Matthew 9, Jesus said three things to him. First, Jesus said, “Be encouraged.” Second, Jesus said, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Third, Jesus said, “Get up, take up your bed, and go home completely healed.” Jesus healed the man’s spirit, soul, and body… 

I gave the altar call, and thousands of people responded by raising their hands. They all wanted Jesus to forgive their sins. After I led them in a salvation prayer, the counselors gave each new believer a book and recorded their names on a decision card.

Then I prayed for the sick. First, I prayed for emotional healing, and Jesus encouraged the hearts of many people. Then I prayed for physical healing. As I rebuked every pain and sickness, miracles broke out across the crowd. Over a dozen crippled people lifted up their crutches and began to take steps of faith.

Here are some of the incredible and powerful testimonies recorded:

  • A lady who came to the platform to share her testimony was carrying her crutch in the air. She said she had been unable to walk for ten years, but now Jesus had healed her. The band began to play music, and she danced with her crutch lifted high.
  • A young girl who had an enlarged heart, and was unable to run for over a year, came forward saying that she had been healed. The music started, and she ran back and forth to show that Jesus had healed her.
  • Another lady had pain in her stomach for three months, and pain in her shoulder for over a year. She told the crowd that both problems were healed.
  • A lady who had been paralyzed for one year and nine months, her neighbor brought her to the crusade on public transportation, was healed. Her face had a big smile as she danced with the crowd.

After another person came forward who was paralyzed and was healed, it became clear that the theme of all the miracles tonight were of paralyzed people who were being healed. I preached on a paralyzed man being healed by Jesus and then Jesus proved He is still alive by healing many paralyzed people in Kahama.

Another testimony was of a lady with terrible back leg pain for four years. Because of the pain, she went to the doctor for expensive injections. But, now she can walk pain-free. There were many more people lined up to testify, including a woman who was deaf whose ears were opened, and another woman who was blind whose eyes are now able to see.

Right as the testimony time was finished a drizzle of rain fell from the sky. God had held back the rain all the way to the end of the crusade. The crowd pulled out umbrellas and went home happy because of everything God is doing in Kahama, Tanzania.” 

Meanwhile, back in Shinyanga, where I was preaching, we saw very similar things. The Lord held back the rain in a miraculous way. Also, there was much demonic manifestation, deliverance, and salvation. Praise God!

Going forward, we will only send you one report from one crusade per night, but I wanted to introduce the evangelists in the team and the cities where our crusades are taking place. Please continue to pray for our team and for all five cities that will be impacted by the gospel this week.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

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