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Dear Missions Partners, 

We have just concluded another amazing night of Gospel Crusades in Tanzania! Tonight, we were again in three different cities preaching the Gospel. For this report, I am going to share with you Evangelist Gary Smith’s recap of his incredible night in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Please read below: 

“Wow! If I had to describe tonight in one word, it would be “Fire”! Fire literally is what happened as we burnt two containers full of witchcraft paraphernalia, idols, all sorts of bracelets and charms. All-day, I have been in much expectation for tonight’s meeting as I knew that the power of God was going to touch the people of Shinyanga in a mighty way! Early in the day, the crusade committee sent me a list of all strongholds and curses over the area. I began to pray that the Lord would destroy the work of the enemy and to turn all the curses into blessings. When I arrived, the crusade field was so charged! The people were worshiping the Lord, with big smiles on their beautiful faces, as far as I could see. You could feel their expectation to receive all they needed from the Lord, and they were not going to leave the same way they came in! I shared the Gospel message of repentance to make things right with the Lord. Everything that was done in the darkness, will be exposed in the light. To walk in freedom is a life completely surrendered to Jesus. 

When the salvation message was called, people began to empty the stands and come to the front of the platform. Hands were raised and voices shouted out loud all over the stadium as thousands asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Such a beautiful moment that I will never forget, hearing thousands ask Jesus to come into their life! Their beautiful voices echo throughout my head, and I begin to weep to think that their life will never be the same again. 

Many mighty miracles also happened tonight. I specifically prayed for creative miracles and different types of cancer. 

  • A woman came to testify what the Lord did for her. She was crying as she was trying to explain that she does not know how it happened, but her left arm grew out and is now equal length as her right one. Then her father, who was a pastor, came to testify that what had happened was real and that he does NOT understand it nor how it happened. I told him, ‘Sir, we serve a God of miracles and the Lord just performed a creative miracle on your daughter!’ 
  • Another woman testified that she had tumors in her stomach area that caused much pain, but after the prayer, all the pain was gone, and she could not feel them any longer.

Not only were there many miracles, but we also prayed for the people to receive the Holy Spirit. While I was praying, the power of God was setting people free all over the stadium. 

After the meeting ended, I was heading back to the vehicle when people surrounded it and started asking for prayer. As I began to pray for them, there was a woman holding a little baby boy – about three years old – and she told me her son’s leg was shorter than the other. I could tell the right leg was much shorter than the left when I held him. So I began to pray for the boy, and as I did, his right leg grew to complete equal length as the left! The mom put the baby down, I grabbed his hand, and we began to walk around. He was able to walk without any issues. He did not have a limp any longer while we walked. The mom was crying so much. She could not believe that her son’s legs are now equal length. 

What an incredible night! I told the people, ‘Now that you have received the Holy Spirit, you walk in the power of God, and you are empowered now to share the message of Jesus everywhere you go!’”

Thank you so much for your prayers! There has already been great fruit! More to come tomorrow. 

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

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