In Numan Nigeria

170,000 in attendance on the second night of the Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign - Numan, Nigeria

We were thrilled when we came in sight of the crusade field tonight and saw how many people had come.  Attendance doubled tonight to 170,000 people!  The atmosphere was absolutely electric…I wish you could have seen it.  I preached on the Blood of Jesus to cleanse, heal, redeem and protect and then, after the prayer of salvation, I broke the curses over the land through the authority we have because of that precious blood and immediately healing began to take place.

  • A woman blind from birth suddenly received her sight tonight.  It was fascinating to see her reaction to everything that she was seeing for the first time.
  • An old man, totally blind for the last 4 years was healed tonight
  • A woman deaf in both ears for 7 years demonstrated how she can hear now
  • A man crippled for 28 years was healed along with another man crippled for 8 years and another for 6 years
  • Another interesting testimony was from a woman who was barren 2 years ago when we came to YOLA (which is also here in Adamawa state).  During that crusade, she was healed and she had a little boy 9-months later.  I asked her what they had named the child.  “His name is Reinhard” she told me.  The crowd rejoiced.

What a privilege to be here in Numan, preaching to hungry souls and seeing the glorious effects of the Gospel.  Thank you for sending us and please continue to pray for us…this is only the beginning.

photos by O. Volyk

Man crippled for 8 years was instantly healed

Woman totally blind from birth catching a hankerchief

Barren woman healed 2 years ago in Yola with her young son "Reinhard"

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  • Brooke Benson

    Awesome Dan!!

  • Russell Benson

    This is terrific news! Praise JESUS.
    I am so excited to see this update. Keep up the awesome work Daniel and the entire CfaN team.

  • Daniel Robbins

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. GLORY TO GOD.

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