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Interesting Pictures from NUMAN Nigeria

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 07, 2010  /     Articles, News, Nigeria, Numan Nigeria, Uncategorized  /     7 Comments

Just a few days ago we held a mass Gospel Campaign in the city of Numan, Nigeria. Over the course of 5 days more than 800,000 people attended the meetings and 557,860 decisions cards were registered from those professing their newfound faith in Christ. You can read the reports from each of the nights below:

As usual, I am posting some interesting pictures that you would not have seen in the normal reports and publications to give you a fascinating “behind the scenes” insight. Enjoy….

“This is a picture of me taking a picture of the coolest instrument ever (see the picture from my camera below)”

“Imagine walking into your room on an EXTREMELY hot day to discover that this is your air conditioner”

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557,860 Salvations in Numan, Nigeria!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Feb 26, 2010  /     Numan Nigeria  /     6 Comments

Dear Partners in the Harvest,

We have just received the news: last week, during the 5 days of meetings of our Gospel Campaign in Numan, Nigeria 557,860 people registered decisions for Jesus Christ.

We are rejoicing and praising the Lord for such a fruitful campaign. Thank you for partnering with us and with the Lord of the harvest. We are co-laborers together with him for the sake of millions of souls.
We return to Nigeria in less than 3-weeks. Please continue to support us with your prayers and finances as you are able.

Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda

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A Soul-Winner’s Dream! – Numan, Nigeria – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Feb 21, 2010  /     Numan Nigeria  /     8 Comments

Another incredible Gospel Campaign has come to a close, just moments ago, here in Numan, Nigeria and our hearts are rejoicing at everything that the Lord has done here this week. A total of 835,000 people attended the meetings and a huge percentage of them made positive decisions to receive Jesus Christ as their savior. Also, 45,000 people attended the fire conference, innumerable healings, deliverances and Holy Sprit baptisms took place. Many of the local pastors already reported that their churches were flooded with new converts this morning and an entire city has been impacted by the power of the Gospel in a profound way. This is every soul-winner’s dream!

Many wonderful healings took place in tonight’s meeting including a woman who had been blind in one eye for the last two years. A man who had been paralyzed for the past 16 years from a stroke was also totally healed (see attached picture) along with a woman who was deaf and dumb…and many others. To God be all the glory!

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The Greatest Miracle – Numan, Nigeria – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Feb 20, 2010  /     Numan Nigeria, Uncategorized  /     3 Comments

I was so touched tonight by the testimony of one Muslim man who was instantly healed of severe chronic pain that had plagued him for many years. He said, “There are many Muslims here tonight that know me”. I asked him if he had received Jesus as his Savior and he replied, “YES, I have received him with both hands.” He went on to tell me that he has great joy in his heart, which he never had before and I could see it on his face and hear it in his voice…he had been truly born again. He finished by saying, “I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ!” Praise the Lord!…(continued)

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Incredible Mercy! – Numan, Nigeria – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Feb 19, 2010  /     Numan Nigeria  /     2 Comments

This morning the Fire Conference venue was packed by 5:30 am. Rev Peter Vandenburg and I preached as the sun was still rising over Numan, but the people were wide-awake. Tomorrow is “Holy Spirit Day” and the conclusion of the Fire Conference. I am sure that there will be a mighty outpouring of the Fire of God.

Tonight, 200,000 people attended the meeting. The crowd seemed to stretch to the horizon. I’m sure that most could not see the preacher on the platform, but through our massive sound system, every one heard the Gospel clearly and there was a huge response. I am sure that there is great joy in the presence of the angels tonight….(Continued)

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