In Numan Nigeria

200,000 in attendance - Numan, Nigeria - Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign

This morning the Fire Conference venue was packed by 5:30 am.  Rev Peter Vandenburg and I preached as the sun was still rising over Numan, but the people were wide-awake.  Tomorrow is “Holy Spirit Day” and the conclusion of the Fire Conference.  I am sure that there will be a mighty outpouring of the Fire of God.

Tonight, 200,000 people attended the meeting.  The crowd seemed to stretch to the horizon.  I’m sure that most could not see the preacher on the platform, but through our massive sound system, every one heard the Gospel clearly and there was a huge response.  I am sure that there is great joy in the presence of the angels tonight.

The Lord also confirmed his Word with signs and wonders:

  • A man totally deaf and dumb for the last 10 years can now hear and speak perfectly
  • A woman brought her brother who had been a lunatic for 13 years.  She said that he would burn any clothes that were given to him and he would run through the streets naked.  He is now clothed and in his right mind.
  • A Muslim man who was unable to bend his back was totally and instantly healed.  He announced to the crowd that Jesus had healed him and unashamedly said, “Thank you Jesus”!  (see attached picture)

Jesus does not discriminate against anyone.  He comes to those that least deserve it and goes to great lengths to seek and save the lost…what incredible mercy!  We are living witnesses to that mercy and participants in this great divine initiative that commenced at Calvary.  He is the Lord of the havest and we are his partners.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us.  Africa is being saved!

Photos by O. Volyk

Man healed of madness after 13 years

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  • Paul Maurer

    Incredible!!! thanks for sharing. Praying for you and your ministry.

  • Alberto Conde

    AWESOME! I Thank God for all the awesome things he is doing through you! Great Stuff!”I Wish I was THERE! ;D Bless you Always!

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