In Numan Nigeria

Praise the Lord…the OUTPOURING continues!! We have just returned from the first meeting of the Gospel Campaign here in Numan, Nigeria where 85,000 people covered the field! During my message our huge generator suddenly broke down leaving the crowd in darkness. Our tech team was working to find a solution when suddenly thousands voices began to sing out of the darkness. The people were praising the Lord and worshiping…it was so beautiful. When the power came back on and I realized that no one had left, I heard the words of John 1:5 ringing in my heart; “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

After the prayer for salvation I prayed for the sick and miracles began to pop like popcorn. A woman, crippled for 21 years began to walk without help. A man blind for 5 years and a woman blind for 4 years suddenly received perfect sight (see the attached picture). A young man unable to speak since he was 10-months old began to speak clearly. At one point my eyes filled with tears as I saw what God had done in the lives of so many precious people. Tomorrow morning the Fire Conference begins and over the next few days thousands of pastors and church workers will receive an impartation from Heaven. Numan will never be the same in Jesus name!

Please continue to pray for us.

~ Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the whole CfaN team

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  • Candice

    Praise the Lord!!!

  • Ijiwade James

    God is great.

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