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Christ for all Nations Fire Conference in Numan, Nigeria with over 45,000 people in attendance

I was so touched tonight by the testimony of one Muslim man who was instantly healed of severe chronic pain that had plagued him for many years.  He said, “There are many Muslims here tonight that know me”.  I asked him if he had received Jesus as his Savior and he replied, “YES, I have received him with both hands.”  He went on to tell me that he has great joy in his heart, which he never had before and I could see it on his face and hear it in his voice…he had been truly born again.  He finished by saying, “I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ!”  Praise the Lord!

We saw many incredible miracles tonight, including many blind and crippled people, a little girl with leprosy and others, but the greatest miracle of all is the miracle of salvation.  Salvation is so much more than mere mental ascent given to a few doctrinal statements; it is a supernatural and miraculous phenomenon.  A person whose spirit is dead unto God and eternally separated from God suddenly is resurrected from sin and death and made spiritually alive and born again into the divine family.  Hallelujah!!  Though we have seen millions of people receive this miracle, it never gets old…it is always remarkable and we thank God on our knees.

This morning was also the final meeting of the Fire Conference and the Holy Spirit fell touching the thousands of people that church workers that packed the stadium to capacity (see the attached picture).  But the Holy Spirit is not just for clergy, He has come for every child of God.  That is why tonight we also prayed for the massive crowd and once again there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit and an acute awareness of his extraordinary presence.  There is no doubt that Numan has received out of HIS fullness!

Tomorrow is the final meeting here in Numan and I am sure that Jesus has saved the best for last.  Thank you for your continued prayer.

Christ for all Nations crusade in Numan, Nigeria

Woman who was totally blind was healed at the Christ for all Nations crusade

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  • gizaw

    thaks to God

  • Jerry Akinwe

    I thank God for what He is doing through His servants – Evangelists Reinhard Bonkee and Daniel Kolanda. I pray that the Lord will intensify this holy fire to burn into the heart of Nigeria and Africa to save the losts and bring deliverance to all who are opressed by the devil. I pray for His protection over His servants and the entire team. In Jesus most holy name. Amen

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