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Dear Mission Partners,

I’ve just arrived home from the Netherlands and I wanted to give you a quick update. For the past week our entire team has been investing into West Europe. I say “West Europe” because although we were in the Netherlands, people came from many surrounding nations – especially Germany.

Monday through Thursday, we conducted the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. Our team ministered from morning to evening to the students. We had such amazing feedback. It is clear that God is raising up a generation of world changers and I believe many of them are coming out of these Schools.

On Friday the Fire Conference started. We were in the Ahoy Arena where they do everything from rock concerts to Pro-wrestling, but the venue staff had never seen anything like this before! Peter van den Berg, Todd White, and I ministered to the students. Each and every session was unique and powerful in its own way. Many people were saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit! Too many remarkable things happened to mention, but I would like to mention one:

On Saturday night, we prayed for the sick. But it wasn’t I nor any of the other preachers, it was the Body ministering to one other. So many people were healed that when I asked them to come forward, they literally stretched the entire width of the arena. I went down the line and asked them to say what had been healed in one word. “Shoulders, eyes, neck, back, ears, stomach, knees, asthma…” On and on it went, “Arthritis, lungs, feet, M.S., throat…” I lost count at 110!

All of this is just to spark something that will continue long after we’ve gone, and I believe that will be the case. The future is bright! The Kingdom of God is moving forward. Thank you for sending us and praying for us.

Fire in the Netherlands!

On and on it went, “Arthritis, lungs, feet, M.S., throat…” I lost count at 110!

On Wednesday, I am already off to the U.K.  for another Fire Conference. Please pray for us as we are in the final preparations.


Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with the whole CfaN team


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  • Julia

    The fire of the holy ghost came on me that night!!!! My heart is now like a burning flame for Jesus!!! I LOVE HIM! HE IS LORD AND SAVIOR!

    God Blesss you Daniel!

    Julia (18)

  • Johnny

    It was truly marvelous. It impacted my friends and changed my life. It was a powerful conference. My question is what is the importance of intersession prayer by the cfan team and churches before the conference. It makes a difference but on what level?


  • olanrewaju bodede

    Evang Bonnke was in Owo, Ondo State Nigeria in March, 2003. prior to this time there had been tribal violence with blood shed, but after the crusade peace returned and businesses sprang up. Could your team please visit us again? we shall be expecting the CfAN team.
    Thank you.

  • Rick

    Hi team cfan, I took part at the evengalism school in Rotterdam.

    Since then I am really hot and in fire, and telling many about the Love of Jesus.

    What have impressed me most was to see these migthy men of God and they were so humble and full of love and pure according to the Bible.

    All glory to Jesus the rissen King, Forever He is glorified.

    Thanks again and I will keep praying for you and the team as well that the people will open their hearts for the beautifull Good News, The Gospel


  • Laura

    I am so happy that the fire conference was beyond expectation controlled by the holy spirit during these days. How great and amazing God is. The glory goes to him. Thank you Mr Daniel servant of my lord for loving the nations and serving God with fear. Please pray for me to know which direction God wants me to take. Thanking you in advance. My prayers also will be for you, your ministry and family. God bless you.

  • christopher

    Thank you so much Daniel and the whole CFAN team for the great work. I pray that God will move you from Glory to Glory. I was really blessed when you came to Uganda in 2012. I am glad to be minister of the Gospel, I thank God for Using you to convince me into the life of salvation. It was very hard for me to get saved, but when you ministered i was beyond convinced of the power of God.
    God Bless your Ministry

  • Abina Bulus

    pls man of God, pray for me. i, and my mum. She can not walk very well. And i want the blessing of God in my life, and his mercy.

  • Siyamcela Nxuseka

    Hello Evangelist Daniel,Reinhard and Todd,etc i am so gladfull of your great evangelist crusades although i have attend even one, even the recent fire conference you had in Johannesburg South africa. Nevertheless i would like you
    to pray for me to be filled with the Glory and the Fire
    of God so that i will be the partaker in the body of Christ at Large as a world changer not for pride but to see millions of salvation of souls and God’s miracles demonstrated.

  • Immanuel

    Thank you Daniel & CfaN Team for the SOE in Rotterdam & Fire Conference. This was my Highlight for 2014! I was really blessed for my Live and Ministry in my City Stuttgart!

  • Elisabeth

    I’m so proud of you!! Thank you for coming here in Europe!! After a fire conference, you are completely changed, in fire for Jesus! I’ve experienced this as many other people (i was in Switzerland) and the world will see a powerful movement of the Spirit! Alleluia! I love you Jesus!
    I want to thank you, Daniel, Reinhard, Peter, Todd etc! You’re great men of faith.

  • Christin Phillips

    Dear Daniel, please consider coming to Tasmania. It is the Southern most state in Australia and so often forgotten ( even left off the map). The body here needs some TLC and restoration.

  • James Dyson

    kindly pray for me concerning my finance thanks

  • marelayn

    You all will be in my prayers. God bless you all.

  • marelayn

    You all will be in my praters. God bless you all.

  • ana

    Where in uk will u have the conference? And when?

    • Tiina Wilder

      Hi, the CfaN Fire Conference is in Birmingham, Friday-Saturday, this weekend, you can purchase the ticket from there.

  • Charlotte

    Hello Daniel and the whole CfaN

    Thank you so much for the blessing we received through the School of Evangelism and also the Fire Conference.

    Jesus lives, AMEN!

    See you at he Fire conference in Birmingham, by God’s grace.


  • Oyelami Oyeniyi

    Glory be to God. God will grant you more strength to depopulate the kingdom of devil the more

  • emmanuel kimoson kukuo

    AMEN AND GLORY TO GOD. pray for me because i have been to the ministry also since friday to today and and i’m sick now.
    Please Interceed To me that God Power will Raise Me in the MINISTRY that i’m ZEALOUS TO IT.

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