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Defining Moments in Birmingham, U.K.

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 12, 2014  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Birmingham U.K.  /     27 Comments

I am writing this email as I sit on the plane flying home from the Fire Conference in the UK. The meetings were amazing. We heard so many testimonies of lives changed. I already told you about the salvations and hundreds of healings that took place spontaneously on Friday night (we had about 200 people come forward with testimonies).

On Saturday afternoon, as we prayed for every single delegate one by one, tears came to my eyes on several occasions as I witnessed how people were being so mightily touched by the Holy Spirit. It took me back to my teenage years when I encountered raw tangible presence for the first time and I remembered how life changing it had been for me. (…Continue)

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This Picture Says It All (from Birmingham, England)

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 10, 2014  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Birmingham U.K.  /     11 Comments

My assistant took the picture above. It is Peter van den Berg’s agenda for last nights service in Birmingham, U.K…and it really says it all. Everything was normal, and then the Holy Spirit began to move and we got out of the way. I never got to preach. Peter tore up his agenda and left it on the ground as we all yielded to the Holy Spirit and were swept along by His current. The result was a thick, tangible sense of the presence of God (…Continued)

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Fire in the Netherlands!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 05, 2014  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from The Netherlands  /     19 Comments

I’ve just arrived home from the Netherlands and I wanted to give you a quick update. For the past week our entire team has been investing into West Europe. I say “West Europe” because although we were in the Netherlands, people came from many surrounding nations – especially Germany.

Monday through Thursday, we conducted the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. Our team ministered from morning to evening to the students. We had such amazing feedback. It is clear that God is raising up a generation of world changers and I believe many of them are coming out of these Schools.

On Friday the Fire Conference started. We were in the Ahoy Arena where they do everything from rock concerts to Pro-wrestling, but the venue staff had never seen anything like this before! Peter van den Berg, Todd White, and I ministered to the students. (…Continue)

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