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Dear Mission Partners,

Just moments ago, I left the field after the final meeting of the Gospel Campaign here in Douala, Cameroon. 370,000 people attended the four days of meetings, and many thousands responded to the Gospel. After I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick, we heard wonderful testimonies. For example, a woman suffering from an issue of blood was healed. The lump in a woman’s breast vanished, and all pain left. A woman with multiple painful fibroids was healed…and many more.

After taking testimonies, I pronounced blessing after blessing upon the nation, the city, the economy, the churches and the people gathered. They received it with joy and great faith. We depart now with a confidence that something historic has taken place this week. Douala will never be the same again in Jesus name!

Thank you again for praying for us and for standing with us financially. We really do consider you a part of the team and trust the Lord to bless you richly for your partnership in the Gospel.

Thank you!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg, and the whole CfaN team








Photos by Oleksandr Volyk

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  • Mary Colins

    Sounds like the Lord provided soul saving, healing, and joyous spirits at the event. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  • Rev. David M. Roberts

    Praying for you. Following you closely. Am a partner to Suzette Hattingh. Building kingdom in Germany, India and the Philippines.

  • chibuike ukandu

    Wow the program was so marvelous God really worked with the great servant of God may strengthen u the more in Jesus name AMEN

  • Kate

    To God be the Glory for the Good things He has done.
    Very happy knowing people are amazed tonight to have such Holy Spirit visitation.
    Right standing in Jesus is a whole personal new blessed life, Camaroon.
    No it will not be the same. Old things pass away all things become new.

  • Takang Trevon

    Thank you so much man of God for obeying the spirit and making a visit to our land.
    I have been lifted by this meeting and like you said am weighted down with blessings and favors for the next level.
    May the good lord continue to provide and strengthen you and the team as you travel the world making known the mystery of the kingdom.
    Much love and blessings in Christ precious name.
    Trevon from Cameroon.

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