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James’ eye became blind after it was injured. Doctors were unable to help him and he became depressed to the point of considering suicide. Then he saw an advertisement for the Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign with Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. After the prayer for the sick he received an amazing miracle. Now, hear the story in his own words.

During this powerful week in Liberia, there were 540,400 registered decision cards out of the 660,000 that attended! There were also thousands of miracles just like you saw in this story with James. Thanks for your continued prayers! To subscribe to my YouTube channel click here. New Videos to encourage you in your faith are added weekly!

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  • pamela

    Dear Daniel, Thank you for being an inspiration to people all over the world including me. May the good lord continue to give strength doing his work. The lord has touched me severally by listening to your messages, I also I got a big opportunity to attend one of your programs at west bromwich, England 2011, I was so excited that I invited my friend and told them to expect God change their lives Around. It was a great experience.
    In 2012 I received the baptism of the holy spirit in my church at sunderland uk, I was so excited I could speak in tongues, a week later something went terribly wrong, God warned me not to visit a friend but I disobeyed, I went and since from that day I have never regained my sanity, it’s like my inner head has gone dead, I can’t focus anymore, I am back in africa now, I have prayed so much, gone for prayers also but this problem won’t go away, my dreams have been polluted too, please pray for me. It’s been almost 3year now and I still have not gotten my senses back. A Lot of people including men of God don’t understand when I explain to them, but the fact remains that I walk like a ghost, I don’t know who I am anymore. My senses are gone. I want to accomplish my mission on this earth for God only. It is difficult for me right now. Please pray for me that God settle all this problems and take away whatever that is clouded in my brain and head. Thank you for putting a blog, I sure would have known how to contact you. God bless you Dan. Thank you.

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