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A Night of Blessing – Douala, Cameroon – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Cameroon, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Featured, reinhard bonnke, Testimonies  /     5 Comments

Dear Mission Partners, Just moments ago, I left the field after the final meeting of the Gospel Campaign here in Douala, Cameroon. 370,000 people attended the four days of meetings, and many thousands responded to the Gospel. After I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick, we heard wonderful testimonies. For example, a woman […]

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Howling Demons! – Douala, Cameroon – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 28, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Cameroon, Crusade, Crusade Photos, reinhard bonnke, Testimonies  /     16 Comments

Dear Mission Partners, This morning the Fire Conference concluded with a powerful message from Peter van den Berg. Over the years, Peter has preached to millions of pastors and church workers through the Fire Conferences. His messages are some of the most poignant I’ve ever heard. There were so many that were gloriously filled with […]

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Curses Broken! – Douala, Cameroon – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 27, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Cameroon, Crusade, Crusade Photos, reinhard bonnke, Testimonies  /     7 Comments

Dear Missions Partner, Amazing things continue to happen here in Douala, Cameroon. Tonight the crowd more than doubled as word is spreading through town of what Jesus is doing here. In addition to preaching about the blood of Jesus and praying for the sick we also took authority over the curses of the land, well […]

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Only Jesus – Douala, Cameroon – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 26, 2015  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Cameroon, Crusade Photos, reinhard bonnke  /     13 Comments

Dear Mission Partners, It’s hard to believe the first full day of our Gospel Crusade here in Douala, Cameroon has already come to an end. I only arrived at 2:30 this morning and was already preaching in the  Fire Conference by 7:00 am. Then our open air, evening meeting started just a few hours later. […]

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