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Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.

I am just reflecting on the amazing week we just had in Karu, Nigeria.  Over the 5 days of meetings more than 1.3 MILLION people attended.  Multitudes were saved, delivered, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.  One of the miracles that stands out to me happened on the second night to a young lady named Placita Outa.  She had undergone a number of surgeries to repair severe damage to her spinal cord that she received in an accident.  After the final surgery, she was left paralyzed and had to rely fully on crutches and the help of others to move around.

While I was still praying for the sick at the end of the service on Thursday, I suddenly heard a great commotion coming from the right side of the field.  A large group of people began to shout for joy and when I looked, I saw crutches being held over someone’s head and they were moving towards the platform very quickly.  The following is the testimony of an eyewitness by the name of Thomas Gana who commented on this blog that same night.

He says, “I was standing very close to the lady who had the spinal cord injury and was using crutches but got healed tonight.  I was standing very close to her in the crowd.  For most part of the meeting she sat down on a chair and stood up at intervals with the aid of her crutches.  I often turned back to look at her as I also believed God for her healing to. As Evangelist Kolenda prayed, she stood up and as the prayer went on, suddenly I felt somebody hit me and scream, ‘I can walk’.

She started running forward through the crowd and left her crutches.  I was the one that picked up her crutches and ran after her to give it to her before climbing the stage to meet the man of God.  God is awesome.  There was another miracle shortly before the man of God was rounded up the prayers and handed over the microphone.  Somebody on wheel chair jumped up and started walking. The wheel chair was raised up as the person walked forward…people started shouting as the person moved forward. I expected the man of God to see the wheel chair raised up before he handed over the microphone but Im sure he didn’t see it.  That miracle happened not in the middle of the crowd but at the left hand side not far from the stage.  I expect that the person who received the miracle will show up to testify tomorrow.  God is awesome.  God bless you man of God.  I look forward to greater miracles by God’s power.”

Normally when people come forward to give testimony of their healing, we have a team of staff members that will test them out to make sure that what they are claiming is genuine before I invite them to come up onto the platform to testify.  But when I saw the look on this woman’s face, I knew for sure that Jesus had done something wonderful and so I called her up to the platform immediately.

She came with her only sister who was in total shock.  Throughout the entire time the testimony was being given the two of them were embracing and weeping and worshipping God for the miracle.  It was very moving.  That night, not only did Placita receive her healing, but she gave her heart to Jesus.  Later she said, “I think it was because of me that they organized a crusade in Karu” (see the video above).  Truly, If we had only come for Placita it would have been well worth the trouble.  But the reality is that she is only one of hundreds of thousands of people who’s lives were touched last week.  Praise the Lord!

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