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Getting Rich In Africa?

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 30, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     11 Comments

I ran across an article online where someone was accusing CfaN for fleecing the African people. This article said that since no other evangelists go to Africa nearly as often as Evangelist Bonnke and I, that is proof that we are making millions of dollars from the African people. While this accusation is so ludicrous it is actually laughable I wanted to share what we did receive as a gift on this last trip. In UGEP, the pastors were so blessed by what the Lord did that, together, as a group, they offered a gift to our team: a pickup truck full of cassava, bananas and a goat. Our Nigerian team took them back to the office and Im sure they had a wonderful feast.

To all the critics I would say this……(continued)

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Adult Content!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 29, 2010  /     Articles, Posted from Home  /     12 Comments

Aha! I knew that title would get your attention. Well it seems as though my Facebook page has been hacked! I had not checked it for a couple of weeks, while I was in Africa and had no idea that it had happened until I got emails from friends saying that there was a link, disguised as something innocent, that would send the unwary clicker to a website full of “adult content”.

After getting several emails like this I began to see a pattern emerging that really bothered me….(continued)

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Heart Transplant

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 28, 2010  /     Posted from Home  /     0 Comment

David was one man personally and intimately aware of the deep darkness that lurks within the human heart. He had, himself, sunk to depths of depravity he would have never thought possible as a harp playing, shepherd boy. But situations, opportunities and regal power had brought to the surface the gruesome reality of the human heart condition.

When Jeremiah said, “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jer. 17:9) he spoke like an insurance adjuster who writes of a damaged vehicle as a total loss. There seemed to be no hope for salvaging some good thing in it. Paul declared, “I know that nothing good lives in me”. And in Psalms reads, “All have turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one”.

I used to think that when David prayed, “Create in me a clean heart, O God…” he was asking God to clean his heart. Suddenly I realized that I had been reading it all wrong! David is not asking God to clean his heart, but rather to create a new clean heart…one that will replace the hopeless, desperate, unmitigated disaster he was born with. David wastes no time asking God to heal his old diseased heart. Instead he asks for a new one…a clean one. Such a thing, only God could create…….

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Occultists are Born Again! – Ugep, Nigeria – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 24, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     2 Comments

Another great Gospel campaign has come to an end and, as always, we feel mixed emotions. We will miss Ugep and it’s people very much, but we rejoice with what God has done here. It is a miracle. Ugep is only a small village, but tonight 185,000 people were present and received the Word of God with great joy. Many thousands were born again including a group of young men who came forward to testify tonight that they were part of an occult movement in the local university, but they have now given their lives to Jesus and renounced occultism! (see attached picture)

We have often been told that the local churches are filled with miracle testimonies of what God did in the campaign every Sunday even a year after we are gone. Im sure this will be the case in Ugep. There is no doubt in our minds that Jesus has done something extraordinary here…

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The Great African Outpouring – Ugep, Nigeria – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 23, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     2 Comments

What we are experiencing here in Nigeria defies all description. It is nothing less than a sovereign outpouring. This morning the Holy Spirit fell in the Fire Conference before I had a chance to preach. After Rev Peter Vandenburg ministered the people began to cry out to the Lord and the Holy Spirit swept across that field with a tangible presence. I interrupted the normal schedule and began to prophecy over the people and even as I was speaking the Fire fell. All over that field men and woman were laid prostrate and the Holy Spirit filled many thousands in a spontaneous way. I laid hands on a couple hundred pastors and sent them into the crowd to lay hands on all the people. As they moved through the crowd cripples began to walk and the sick were healed. It was glorious!

Tonight after I preached the Gospel and prayed with thousands of people who wanted to receive Jesus, we prayed again over that massive crowd to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit and the Fire fell once again. We heard amazing miracle testimonies…

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Curses Broken! – Ugep, Nigeria – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 22, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Tonight, when we arrived at the Crusade ground we discovered that someone had brought an entire idolatrous shrine to be destroyed. Together with idols, charms, fetishes and many occult paraphernalia we burned it and the people rejoiced. I also called out the local curses – names so feared most people are not willing to speak them out loud – one by one I took authority over them, breaking them off the people of Ugep in the name of Jesus. The joy was uncontainable. The people danced until the sky was thick with dust. Today is a day of Salvation and freedom.

After the prayer for salvation many miracles happened, and we saw an extraordinary proportion of paralytics healed. Have a look at the picture of one young man who lived with so much pain from a motorcycle accident that it had left him nearly crippled. Now he jumped like an athlete and testified that all pain has gone. Praise the Lord!

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Ugep is Buzzing! – Ugep, Nigeria – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 21, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     1 Comment

We are experiencing a mighty surge of Gospel impact here in Ugep. Even now I can hear outside my window the thousands of people who have literally flooded the streets on their way home from the meeting, which doubled in size from last night. The word is out…Jesus is here – and all of Ugep is buzzing!

The response to the Gospel message tonight was overwhelming and the miracles were popping like popcorn. A 23-year-old woman deaf and dumb from birth heard and spoke tonight with amazing clarity. The crowd could hardly contain their joy when she repeated after me; “One”, “Two”, “JESUS!” It was glorious!

A woman who had been paralyzed on her right side demonstrated how she had received full use of her arms and legs. She went walking and leaping and praising God like the man at the “Beautiful Gate”. I choke back the tears as I think of it now.

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Charged with Faith! – Ugep, Nigeria – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 20, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission-Partners,

What a wonderful start here in Ugep! Have a look at the crowd-picture. The Gospel rang out as clear as a bell and a wave of salvation followed. The prayer for the sick yielded glorious healings: A blind man saw, a crippled walked…. The atmosphere was charged with faith – gripping the congregation as well as the preachers. Faith breeds boldness. The leading men in Jerusalem “saw the courage of Peter and John” (Acts 4:13). Their fearlessness was plain for all to see. Israel’s supreme judges with their fossilised traditions were shocked into wide-eyed astonishment at the sight of mere Galilean fishermen addressing the court with the confidence of kings issuing edicts. The Bible is the book of the bold, not the cringing. We will continue to preach this glorious gospel with great boldness here in Ugep. Please continue to pray for us.

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Arrival in Ugep, Nigeria

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 19, 2010  /     Posted from Ugep Nigeria  /     3 Comments

Dear Mission-Partners,

Yes, we arrived today in Ugep/Cross River State/Nigeria to a tumultuous welcome. Such excitement and expectation! It stirs our hearts. What an honor and privilege to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Tomorrow the Crusade begins and we expect great things from God. Please for us as we stand at the frontline of the Gospel. In spirit we are here together with you, our dear partners in the Gospel. Please stay tuned to “the mighty acts of God”.

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

By Administrator   /     Jan 18, 2010  /     Posted from Lagos Nigeria  /     1 Comment

Today America celebrates one of its great leaders, Martin Luther King Jr. Although I am in Nigeria right now, I decided to honor the day by reading one of Rev. King’s great, but under-emphasized writings, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” I was both moved and inspired. I would encourage everyone to read the full letter HERE and share it with your family today.

Although Martin Luther King Jr’s main message was civil rights, his words, written in 1963 still ring with resounding truth like words of a prophet with fire shut up in his bones and carry a powerful message for the people of God today. Here are a couple of excerpts that I thought were especially profound…

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