Getting Rich In Africa?

I ran across an article online where someone was accusing CfaN for fleecing the African people. This article said that since no other evangelists go to Africa nearly as often as Evangelist [...]

Adult Content!

Aha! I knew that title would get your attention. Well it seems as though my Facebook page has been hacked! I had not checked it for a couple of weeks, while I was in Africa and had no idea [...]

Heart Transplant

David was one man personally and intimately aware of the deep darkness that lurks within the human heart. He had, himself, sunk to depths of depravity he would have never thought possible as a [...]

Arrival in Ugep, Nigeria

Dear Mission-Partners, Yes, we arrived today in Ugep/Cross River State/Nigeria to a tumultuous welcome. Such excitement and expectation! It stirs our hearts. What an honor and privilege to [...]

The Salvation of a V.I.P.

This past week I had the most incredible experience in evangelism that I have had in my life thus far. I had the privilege of leading someone very, very, very important to Jesus…a V.I.P. of note. [...]