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We are experiencing a mighty surge of Gospel impact here in Ugep. Even now I can hear outside my window the thousands of people who have literally flooded the streets on their way home from the meeting, which doubled in size from last night. The word is out…Jesus is here – and all of Ugep is buzzing!

The response to the Gospel message tonight was overwhelming and the miracles were popping like popcorn. A 23-year-old woman deaf and dumb from birth heard and spoke tonight with amazing clarity. The crowd could hardly contain their joy when she repeated after me; “One”, “Two”, “JESUS!” It was glorious!

A woman who had been paralyzed on her right side demonstrated how she had received full use of her arms and legs. She went walking and leaping and praising God like the man at the “Beautiful Gate”. I choke back the tears as I think of it now.

A woman brought her son who had been insane for last 15 years. He had been completely mad; violent and uncontrollable. Now he spoke softly and was in his right mind. He told me that Jesus had healed him. Praise the Lord!

This morning was also the start of the Fire Conference and Rev. Peter Vandenburg and I were amazed by the responsiveness of the people. They have not come just to be spectators; they have come to receive and I am sure that they will in Jesus name. Stay tuned, much more to come…

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  • Gabriel

    Amazing pix and testimonies. I hope there is a detailed programme of follow-up to ensure that this great work is not lost. Remember the parable of the sower!

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