Keep On Keeping On

Earlier today I was out shopping with my kids at our local mall. We passed one particular store where my son knows there is an elaborate toy train set that he loves to play with. He asked me if [...]


When I asked my Facebook friends to contribute to a list of their favorite quotes a couple of days ago, I received an avalanche of replies. I have posted some of the best ones here along with a [...]

Waiting for the Rapture??

I heard a minister recently talking about the rapture and trying to make the point that every prophecy necessary to the return of Christ has already been fulfilled. One of his points was that the [...]


Many preachers lose their children while rescuing other people’s kids. I have prayed, “Lord, don’t let me win the whole world and lose my family.” I feel like the Lord showed me one of the [...]

What’s Your Lucky Shamrock?

I just heard a news report out of Bernalillo, New Mexico where police interviewed a man who had been involved in a bizarre single car accident. When they asked him what had happened he told them [...]

Pass the Salt Please!

I've just finished reading a fascinating article in the June 22, 2009 edition of NEWSWEEK. The author, Fareed Zakaria, is tackling the multi-faceted complexities of the recent, international [...]

Final Meeting in Spain – Iglesia Salem

Sunday I had the privilege of preaching in one of Spain's best churches and definitely one of its largest; Iglesia Salem, pastored by Rev. Marcos Vidal, a well known worship leader and minister, [...]