The Fire of God in the Pearl of Africa

I must say...I feel invigorated. With the Crusade in Bali, Nigeria completed, we came straight to Cape Town South Africa for the South African Fire Conference and Evangelism Summit hosted by [...]


What is it about Jesus that provokes such incredible passion in our hearts? Why do we long for Him so much? Why do we hang spellbound on His every word and love even the mention of his precious [...]

Blazing Witnesses

Today the Fire fell. The revival did not tarry! It is right here in Bali/Nigeria! Preachers often make up sermons hunting for new reasons to explain “why revival tarries”. Rules and strictures [...]


The meetings today and tomorrow will be broadcast live via the CfaN website ( For those that live in the eastern time zone, the broadcast will begin at 1:00 pm. Other times zones [...]

High Profie Healings

Every night is an adventure here in Bali. Our drive to the crusade site is like stepping into ancient times. We turn off the paved road and drive on the dirt through a small village where mud [...]


Tonight I preached about the blood of Jesus and then broke the curses over the land. We asked for a list of the curses that the people knew by name such as DANBEKI which they believe brings [...]

Healed in Her Home!

Tonight was the first night of the Gospel crusade here in Bali, and Jesus showed up in a wonderful way. The miracles were amazing. One lady was healed over about a quarter mile away from the [...]

Visit With the Governor

I have been on the road for more then 60 hours so far...and still traveling. We are now in the middle of a long road trip to Bali where the crusade will start tomorrow. We stopped to spent the [...]