In Posted from Jalingo Nigeria

I have been on the road for more then 60 hours so far…and still traveling. We are now in the middle of a long road trip to Bali where the crusade will start tomorrow.

We stopped to spent the night in Jalingo (the capital of Teraba state), and were invited to stay at the governor’s lodge. We had a hearty reception by the city elders even though we are still several hours from the crusade city.

At about 9pm I heard a knock at my door. Though I was very tired from the long trip, I crawled out of bed to see who it might be. The governor of Teraba state, Danbaba D. Suntai had showed up at my room to welcome me.  He is a true Christian and a humble man. He told me that he holds prayer meetings at the government house three times per day and asked me to come in the morning and speak.  I showed up at 8am this morning to find a packed house. Hungry for the Word of God…the governor was sitting on the front row.

Afterwards he asked me to come with him to his office and pray for him. We rode together in his government vehicle listening to Hillsong worship all the way.  In his office I felt led to pray for him to be lifted to the Presidency


Now we make an official state courtesy call in one hour. From there we will continue by road to Bali and visit the King before arriving at our lodge sometime this evening.

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  • Anonymous

    Praying for you Daniel for strength and a mighty anointing this week.

    Susan and the CfaN Canada Staff.

    PS say hi to John!

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