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Every night is an adventure here in Bali. Our drive to the crusade site is like stepping into ancient times. We turn off the paved road and drive on the dirt through a small village where mud huts are capped by thatched roofs. Scrawny chickens scamper away from our SUV as we come close and mostly naked people peer out of their doorways to see what the commotion is all about. It’s hard not to wonder what kind of an event could possibly be held in such an obscure place…and then the view widens. The ground has obviously been cleared by earth moving vehicles, and in the distance you can see it: thousands upon thousands of people have gathered in the middle of this vast wilderness. The dust, stirred by the sandal clad feet of a great multitude, rises like a thick cloud above the crowd, and through the fog the familiar CfaN crusade lights shine like a beacon in the night to which the people swarm like insects…it is sureal.

My heart is moved when I see these people, many of whom have traveled great distances to be here. One lady testified tonight that she had suffered with a constant issue of blood for the past 15 years. This would be a torment for anyone, but how much worse for someone who lives in the primitive and unsanitary conditions of the third-world, where even running water is a luxury that none can afford. She had been to doctors and hospitals, but no one could help her. Then she heard that a Bonnke crusade had come to Bali. She said that her husband refused to go and even refused to give her any money to make the long journey. Determined to receive her healing, she persisted like the woman in the Bible who also had an issue of blood. She sold her skirt to pay for the transportation and traveled all the way alone. On the first night of the Crusade (Wednesday) at midnight the menstruation stopped flowing. From that moment on, she was healed and came tonight (two days later) to testify of her healing.

A man came with two of his children. His son had been crippled for 9 years, and his daughter had been deaf for 18 years…both were instantly healed.

Another man who was a cripple was also healed. The interesting thing about this man is that he was a local teacher and very well known to the people. I asked the crowed, “Do you know this man?” They shouted back, “Yes.” I could see that some of the singers in the choir were pointing and smiling and talking amongst themselves about this man. I called one over and said, “Do you know this man?” he said “Yes, he is a teacher.” “What was wrong with him?” I asked. “He was a cripple.” When I told the teacher to demonstrate his healing, he began to stomp around the platform, and the crowd went wild!

Another high profile healing was the mother of the former governor of Teraba state (where this crusade is being held). She had suffered for years with chronic and intense pain in her stomach. She had been to some of the best doctors in Nigeria, but nothing was able to help her. During the crusade last night, while she sat next to the present governor, she felt the power of God come on her, and she was instantly healed. She testified that for the last 24 hours she had not felt another ounce of pain. It was an absolute miracle attested to by many of the most powerful people in this state. It is no exaggeration to say that Bali will never be the same again!

I wish that I could tell all of their stories, but there are too many even to count. It’s hard to imagine the impact that an event like this has on a region, especially one as remote as this. The only comparison that I can think of for the western mind is “Woodstock”. But actually, in relative terms, Woodstock would pale in comparison. Suffice it to say that the people in Bali will be talking about this event for generations to come.

Pictures by Oleksandr Volyk

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