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Why don’t I feel God sometimes? Why do I feel Him on one occasion and not another? What should I expect to experience in communion with the Lord? In this episode Eric Gilmour and Daniel Kolenda discuss these critical questions about feeling God’s presence.

This video is the first in a series being launched on my YouTube channel called, “Experiencing God.” A new video in this series will be released every Wednesday morning on my channel so I highly recommend that you CLICK HERE to subscribe.


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  • jerry

    Hi Mr Aaron.
    I’m very encouraged by your message and I’ll trust Him though I’m going through challenges and I’d be very happy if He could tell me what to do and which way to take. Thanks a lot. God bless you and your family

  • Felix Agaliwa

    Good is too good.

  • sam

    I struggle with this issue too but I know God wants us to walk by faith and not by feelings.

  • Jerry Ella Ondo

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for this message. But I’d like to understand, maybe I didn’t get it well. You were talking about internal and external feelings but why is it that I don’t feel Him. I mean I just know He’s listening to me, I just know He’s her but I don’t feel Him. Thanks

    • Aaron


      I read your comment and just thought I’d offer some of my own thoughts and things I’ve learned. I used to struggle with the very question you are asking. I’ve learned that as you continue to seek the Lord in intimacy, you will begin to feel peace, love, acceptance, joy, comfort, and many other internal feelings. These are all feeling you feel in your Spirit and heart. When it comes to external feelings, I think that the majority of the time, you won’t physically feel God. For example, I don’t think anyone should expect to feel God physically in the room. However, I think that you can learn, over time, to “feel God’s presence” in a room by your spirit. I think that often times in worship and prayer, I internally “feel” that God is near to me, that He’s moving in my life, and speaking to my heart.

      I’m sorry that you are feeling the way you do. I believe I know exactly what you’re talking about in regards to “knowing He’s listening to you, but not feeling Him”. The truth is that as you continue to diligently seek God, your spirit and heart will be trained to sense and feel God in your heart and spirit. You will begin to feel peace, his love, joy, acceptance, an much more. I would just encourage you to not be discouraged if you don’t feel Him internally today. Or even tomorrow. Have faith and trust that God will reveal Himself to you and you will feel Him internally, because the Bible promises us so. Isaiah 26:3 is a promise to you even if you don’t feel it right this second. It will come 🙂 Just the same way you have faith that He is listening to you, have faith that you will grow to hear His voice, feel His Heart towards you, and feel His peace, love and joy. I hope this helps.

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