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Have you been serving the Lord for a while, but still feel like you just don’t know what you’re supposed to do?

Many people haven’t discovered God’s will simply because they’re afraid to. They think God has something absolutely dreadful in mind for them. But on the contrary, when you discover God’s will you discover what you were created for. And this is one of the ways we recognize God’s will – where do you fit?

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  • Fon Ernest

    Hai Daniel may you be blessed in Jesus name.Dani, iam one of the Cameroonians you change during your few days in Cameroon.Please man of God i beg of you to pray for me and my familly.I will tell you only God alone knows the impact and change you brought to the city of Douala and Cameroon in general.If one were to ask my opinion about your caming again to cameroon i could have said you should start coming nown.But since i know you have so maney souls to convert to GOD you have to go also to them.He who calls upone the name of the LORD SHALL BE SAVED.I did that and since then each time i call upone his name Man of GoD iam aswered allmost instantly.BUT i still want to know him the more.Please help me.May God continue giving you and your team jouney Mercies, in Jesus name Amen.

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