In Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin

Day 3 of the Christ for all Nations Great Gospel Campaign in Cotonou, Benin, Dec. 2012

Dear Mission Partners,

The nation of Benin is known as, “The Cradle of Voodoo.”  According to some statistics, more than 70% of the people (of all different religions) practice animism and ancestral worship.  For thousands of years, Satan has had free reign in this nation and has inflicted terrible suffering on the people who have been ensnared by superstition and fear.  But this week the glorious light of the Gospel is shining, darkness is retreating and the Kingdom of God is rising!

Tonight I took authority over demonic spirits and rebuked them in the name of Jesus.  All over the field, demoniacs began to manifest violently.  They were carried out to a tent where our deliverance team will exorcize the evil spirits. We call it the “snake pit” and it was full tonight.  I also called out the ancient traditional curses and broke their power in the name of Jesus and we burned the charms, fetishes, amulets, juju and voodoo idols just like they did in Acts 19.

  • Then remarkable miracles took place:
  • A woman’s painful fibroid instantly vanished after tormenting her for 12 years!
  • A woman’s blind eye suddenly received sight!
  • A woman’s breast tumors vanished!
  • Leprosy disappeared!
  • Cripples could walk!
  • And much more…

Tonight, our small team celebrated Christmas together with a meal.  We are so thankful for another amazing year of harvest, when literally millions of people have heard the Gospel through CfaN crusades.  We consider each of you a part of the CfaN family.  From all of us here in Benin to each of you – Merry Christmas!


Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke
Together with the whole CfaN team


A women who’s blind eye was healed tonight!

Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • Jean-Jaurès

    I think GOD because i’m there and see every things passed in this meeting

  • Julian

    Tomorrow, when Reinhard is talking, could you PLEASEEE ask for a girl called Nina (from Germany) who is in the audience, and pray for her to strengthen her!!
    a massive thank you 🙂

  • ajay

    Great God almighty is pouring his holy spirit in these end times.

  • susan c. bukera

    awesome love you guys !!! merry christmas !!! im enjoying you sharing the gosple on the you tube videos i love every minite of it ! you fan my flame thanks guys !!! love suz greensburgh pa.

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