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The Decision Card Count from Benin is in!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 29, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin  /     2 Comments

We’ve just received a wonderful report from Cotonou, Benin where we held a Gospel Campaign three weeks ago. 251,258 decision cards were counted from the five days of meetings! That makes a grand total of 2,171,008 that have testified to having made a decision to follow Jesus in 2012. Praise the Lord!

Thank you to all of you who played a part in making this amazing harvest possible with your prayers and finances. You are impacting souls for eternity. We honor you and thank the Lord for you.

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The Greatest Gift – Cotonou, Benin – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 10, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin  /     2 Comments

Tonight was the final meeting of the final crusade of 2012. It’s hard to believe that another year of Gospel Campaigns has come to an end. This year we have been in Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Liberia, twice in Uganda, Ethiopia and now Benin. In order to meet the unique logistical challenges we had to split our equipment into two separate sets and place one in the east and one in the west. Along the way were many dangers, toils and snares, but God gave us grace, you stood with us, our team worked very hard and in all, more than 2-million people professed faith in Christ. What a mighty God we serve! (…Continued)

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The River is Flowing – Cotonou, Benin – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 09, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin  /     0 Comment

This morning Rev. Peter van den Berg and I ministered to the pastors and church leaders at the final meeting of the Fire Conference. The way that the people received was so precious. It was simple. It was easy. It was all Jesus. At first they were silent. And then it began – all over the field pent up fountains began bursting forth and soon the whole crowd was swimming in a river of Holy Spirit unction. It was wonderful.

This week evangelist Eric Gilmour has been ministering each night before the Crusade begins. He has been teaching on faith and ministering to the sick. God has been using him in a mighty way and literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands, have raised their hands indicating that a miracle has taken place in their bodies this week. All the glory goes to Jesus. (…Continued)

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The Snake Pit Was Full! – Cotonou, Benin – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 08, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin  /     4 Comments

The nation of Benin is known as, “The Cradle of Voodoo.” According to some statistics, more than 70% of the people (of all different religions) practice animism and ancestral worship. For thousands of years, Satan has had free reign in this nation and has inflicted terrible suffering on the people who have been ensnared by superstition and fear. But this week the glorious light of the Gospel is shining, darkness is retreating and the Kingdom of God is rising! (…Continued)

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Without Me You Can Do Nothing – Cotonou, Benin – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 06, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Cotonou Benin, reinhard bonnke  /     2 Comments

Tonight we had a glorious meeting here in Cotonou, Benin. Evangelist Bonnke and I ministered in tandem and the presence of the Lord was tangible. After I preached the Gospel Evangelist Bonnke prayed for the sick. Crutches and wheelchairs went up into the air all over the field. So many cripples were healed. It was wonderful.

Yesterday we were invited to visit the President of Benin, Yayi Boni, who is also the chairman of the African Union, at his palace. He welcomed us with open arms and recognized the impact that the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and Christ for all Nations has had on his great nation. (…Continued)

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