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Dear Mission Partners,
We have just received some wonderful news from West Africa.  The decision card count is in from the Burkina Faso – over the five days of meetings 429,255 people received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!  In a nation where the entire population is around 16-million, this is a RICH HARVEST for sure.  We are rejoicing!
I would also like to especially thank the Green family (owners of Hobby Lobby) who sponsored this campaign IN FULL!   I know the Lord will bless them richly, both now and in eternity, for their generosity and heart for the lost. We are eternally grateful as are hundreds of thousands of Burkinabé people whose lives have been changed forever.
Yours in the Harvest,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke
Together with the whole CfaN team
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  • David Okoye

    Glory to God! What a good news. God’s blessings on the Green family. You never know what this would amount to in eternity. So excited about this. These are not just figures, but destinies transformed!

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