In Burkina Faso, Crusade Photos

The fifth night of the Christ for all Nations Great Gospel Campaign in Burkina Faso, Jan 2012

Dear Mission Partners,

We just returned from the final meeting of this campaign in Burkina Faso.  I preached about forgiveness and a mass-conversion followed. The field exploded with many thousands of people calling on the name of Jesus for salvation and miracles ofhealing followed the preaching of the Word.

We feel that we have been exposed to what awaits us inheaven, when the crowd, which no one can number, gathers before the throne of God. Thank you so much for praying for us this week.

As soon as the completed decision-cards are counted I will let you know.

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team




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