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Rio De Janeiro is really such an amazing city. Beautiful white-sand beaches are backdropped by rugged mountains, covered in dense, palm tree peppered forests. It is the preferred residence for many of Brazil’s most rich and famous and a favorite travel destination for tourists from around the world.

In stark contrast, crime filled, poverty ridden “favelas” (shanty towns) lie along the hillsides juxtaposed to the otherwise serene beauty. The largest favela in South America is here with more than 300,000 inhabitants. Drug and gang wars are commonplace and the police are afraid to enter these ghettos controlled by ruthless crime lords. (CLICK HERE to see a short documentary on the favelas)
Rio’s only hope is the transformational power of the Gospel and beginning tomorrow that message will ring out across the city through our Gospel campaign. The huge open-air meetings will be held on Botafogo beach – a famous, public site, adjacent to Copacabana. We are praying that multitudes will receive the message of the Gospel and that a spiritual revolution will be sparked this week. May God’s glory burn from the beaches to the favelas sweeping the rich and poor, young and old into the Kingdom of God!
Stay tuned…
[youtube vk47D6yBp_c]
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