Rio De Janeiro Campaign Begins Tomorrow!

Rio De Janeiro is really such an amazing city. Beautiful white-sand beaches are backdropped by rugged mountains, covered in dense, palm tree peppered forests. It is the preferred residence for [...]


I'm so sorry that I only came across this after the event was already over, but I still think this video is worth seeing just for the wake up call. Also, I have posted a report from the event [...]

Healing for You…Now!

This is a teaching that was posted by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke a couple of days ago on his Facebook Fan Page. I thought it was powerful and worth re-posting. Also, if you are not already one of [...]

Nice View!

I have just arrived in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where we are working hard to make preparations for our Crusade in September. I can see beautiful Copacabana Beach from my is a perfect [...]