Rio De Janeiro Campaign Begins Tomorrow!

Rio De Janeiro is really such an amazing city. Beautiful white-sand beaches are backdropped by rugged mountains, covered in dense, palm tree peppered forests. It is the preferred residence for [...]

Wholly Thine Alone

“Bring me a sword,” commanded the wise King, “Divide the living child in two and give half to one and half to the other.” This was Solomon’s solution to the contentious debate that two mothers [...]

Back from China

I've literally just walked in the door of my house (ahh...home sweet home) returning from a blessed week of ministry in Asia where we were preparing for our Fire Conference that will be held in [...]

Look What God is Doing!

God is doing incredible things! Tonight was my first time preaching in MAINLAND CHINA! Though it was a relatively small gathering, it was a strategic group of pastors and leaders. There was a day [...]