In Decade of Double Harvest

Dear Mission Partners,


This week we are conducting a Gospel Crusade in Abeokuta, Nigeria. I just arrived a couple days ago, but once again, we sent a team of evangelists into the region more than seven weeks ago to begin bombarding it with the Gospel. Since that time, they conducted 273 outreaches and have seen 77,879 people come to Christ – before the Crusade even started! The “Decade of Double Harvest” is underway!

When I arrived in Abeokuta, Nigeria two days ago we were greeted on the side of the road by a lively crowd made up of local believers, pastors, bishops and other leaders. They were full of joy and anticipation of what God is going to do this week. I was then escorted to the governor’s mansion where I was able to share with the governor (who is a believer) and his entire cabinet. Then I was taken to the king’s palace where I was able to share the Gospel. I told the king that I had come representing another king – not just any king – but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I was able to lead some of the chiefs to the Lord right there in the courtroom of the palace! What an amazing start!

The last two nights of the crusade has been amazing. The crowd more than doubled from one night to the next and many thousands received Jesus. We have also seen powerful miracles:

An elderly man, blind in his left eye for three years was healed!

Several ladies testified that painful lumps in their breasts instantly vanished during prayer!

A young man who had lost his voice for the last six years was healed and sang a solo from the platform in acapella, praising and thanking the Lord. The crowd joined in, singing with him. It was a beautiful moment.

Another young man who was deaf in the right ear was healed.

Many testified to being healed of all kinds of pain and paralysis in backs, necks, arms, hands, and other parts of the body.

Last night I had a word of knowledge for someone with a growth on their neck. I sensed that it was painful and affecting the person’s ability to speak. Tonight, a lady came forward and said that for years, she had been suffering with a painful growth on her throat that made it very difficult for her to talk. But last night, as we prayed, the growth vanished and now she is perfectly well. She shouted “Thank you Jesus” with a loud voice!

Tomorrow morning Peter Vandenberg and I will minister in the last day of the Fire Conference here. Please pray with us for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the thousands of pastors and leaders that will attend.


More to come…


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda


Together with the whole CfaN team

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  • Bonsu

    Woow, wonderful works! We really thank God for his Supernatural Miracles and blessings. What a journey

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