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When people think about the life of a missionary-evangelist, the words “adventurous”, “exotic” or “dangerous” might come to mind.  And while these descriptions are certainly fitting at times, they are often tempered by the more unromantic, day-to-day realities of missions.

One of the things that many don’t think about is the life of the wife of a missionary-evangelist.  I have never heard my wife complain and she has always supported me with her whole heart, but I am well aware that hers is often a life of silent sacrifice.  It can be lonely and difficult at times.  I have often said that when we stand before the Lord, I fully expect that she will receive the greater reward and I will be the first to applaud the verdict.

We have a tradition in our house that whenever I travel, I always bring back gifts for the family.  (Truth be told, Im just attempting to bribe them to let me come back:-)  My wife is the most “low-maintenance” of all.  Her only request is for a refrigerator magnet.  Needless to say, our refrigerator is covered in magnets from exotic locations around the globe.

Having said that, this morning, I heard her chuckling this as she read the newspaper.  I came to see what was so funny and she showed me this comic (below).  It seems that she has found in the wife of “Hagar the Horrible” a sympathetic friend.  I told her she should cut it out and stick it on the refrigerator with one of the “souvenir magnets”.  This one is for all evangelist’s wives.

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  • Keith akera

    so funny

  • Eugene Loza

    Great post! Meet you in Kyiv in June! 🙂 I believe there are plenty of refregirators magnets for sale here 😀

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Yes…Im sure:-) The good news is that my wife will be with me in Kiev so she can pick out her own magnet.

  • Philippe Espagne

    How cruel! :-)))))

  • Linda Saffold

    how funny.

  • Maria

    hahahaha!!! so funny…

  • Derek Murray

    I share the sentiment! – my “bribe” is English Magazines and comics picked on the way back from Africa!

  • Charles Lindsey

    As one who travels a lot to…this is pretty funny. I will definatly share this with my wife. Thanks for sharing.

  • Barbara Murray

    Brilliant! 🙂

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