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Even Stephen

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 12, 2010  /     Articles, Devotional, Teachings  /     21 Comments

Often the gifts and miracles have been thought of as being intended only for a small group of elite Christians with big ministries and full-time preaching careers. But in the early Church, even the ushers were walking in this power! Why? Because they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. Power was part in parcel of the Christian experience. It was for the layman, for the businessman, for the blue-collar and white-collar workers. It was for everyone! The power of the Holy Spirit was not considered something extraordinary, but something normal and expected. Today the unfortunate reality is that many people think it is a rare gift if their pastor has integrity and wisdom…forget being full of faith and demonstrating miracles…..(Continued)

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Book Review: Holy Spirit Revelation & Revolution

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 03, 2010  /     Articles, Book Reviews, Quotes  /     2 Comments

I’ve just finished reading a fantastic book (for the second time) that I would highly recommend to anyone who has a hunger for the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I read it straight through in two sittings and found it nearly impossible to stop. Around the 11th or 12th chapter my spirit was so full, I felt like I would burst. I just had to put the book down and open up the prayer valve to let off some steam. It is more than intellect to intellect writing, but it felt to me like spirit to spirit impartation. The book is “HOLY SPIRIT revelation & revolution”, by Reinhard Bonnke. I have included a couple of excerpts below that I thought were especially poignant…….(Continued)

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RESULTS: 362,978 Recorded Decisions – Takum, Nigeria

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 02, 2010  /     Articles, Nigeria, Takum Nigeria  /     1 Comment

Dear Mission Partners,

We have just received word from our campaign director, during the 5 days of last week 362,978 people received Jesus as their Savior and completed a decision card in Takum, Nigeria! Praise be to God! Jesus saves, heals and delivers.

Thank you so much for all your help and prayers. Now the rainy season begins in West Africa, but preparations are already underway and we are eagerly anticipating our next campaign in August and we pray for the necessary funds.

Yours in His love and service,
Evangelists Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke
Together with the whole CfaN Team

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On A Lighter Note

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 01, 2010  /     Articles  /     9 Comments

We have a tradition in our house that whenever I travel, I always bring back gifts for the family. (Truth be told, Im just attempting to bribe them to let me come back:-) My wife is the most “low-maintenance” of all. Her only request is for a refrigerator magnet. Needless to say, our refrigerator is covered in magnets from exotic locations around the globe.

Having said that, this morning, I heard her chuckling this as she read the newspaper. I came to see what was so funny and she showed me this comic (below). It seems that she has found in the wife of “Hagar the Horrible” a sympathetic friend. I told her she should cut it out and stick it on the refrigerator with one of the “souvenir magnets”. This one is for all evangelist’s wives…..(Continued)

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