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The past two days have been a glorious downpour of salvation. The first night of the Crusade (Wednesday) over 120,000 people were in attendance. I spoke briefly before Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preached a powerful evangelistic message. During the prayer for the sick, the power of God began to move through the crowd. Everywhere you looked something was happening. A woman testified that her baby who had died in her womb began moving again after the prayer. Bonnke exclaimed, “Jesus raises from the tomb and from the womb!”

Yesterday (Thursday) it began to rain at about 3:00 am and continued to rain thoughout the night. By the morning many parts of the city were under water. The crusade field had been reduced to a muddy swamp. Muddy Crusade Field (photo by Austin Tyson)

CfaN Fire Conference

That morning I preached about the
Fire of God at the fire conference. It was heartily received by the people…they are so hungry for God!

That evening I preached the Gospel message and Evangelist Bonnke prayed for the sick. Preaching in Agbor Nigeria

Our 4X4 trucks struggled through the mud to reach the platform at the crusade field. But the rain and the mud did not stop the people. They swarmed onto the field and the crowd grew to 165,000! Small lakes on the field totally disappeared as many stood in shin deep water to hear the Gospel. Peter Vandenburg (Vice President of CfaN) walked the whole muddy field to get the crowd count. He told me that the people even in the back were intently listening to the message. When I gave the invitation, the response was almost unanimous. The crowd thundered the prayer of salvation with a tangible intensity. I am sure that all of heaven was rejoicing…Hallelujah!

The healings were dramatic and moving. Two totally blind people (one for 18 years) received perfect sight. A lady crippled for 20 years jumped on the platform like a jackrabbit. A man with a broken leg was totally healed! There are too many wonderful things to mention.

Continue to pray that the Lord holds back the rain for the remaining 3 days of meetings and instead sends a deluge of salvation and healing power.

Agbor, Nigeria Day 1 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 2 (By Reinhard Bonnke)

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  • Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie

    Dear Bro. Daniel,

    How excited we are at all that The LORD Jesus is doing in the Crusade there!!! How very blessed you are by The LORD Jesus to be there!!!

    We so desire to travel to a Crusade in Africa with Bro. Bonnke. When there is a door open, please contact us. You are experiencing the immense Power of The Holy Ghost in great measure while He is pouring Himself out upon the people at the Crusade. How we long to taste of this ourselves, Bro. Daniel.

    Please pray for our beloved Pastor/Apostle Kimberly Dube in Zimbabwe. His ministry is filled with souls saved, sick healed, and the demonized freed and delivered from satan’s power. He surely lives in the poorest of the poor countries in Africa but he is truly one of the very richest men that we have ever met for he is rich in The LORD Jesus and rich in the joy of The LORD Jesus. Shelves are bare in Zimbabwe’s stores. The bakery in Harare has been forced to close due to the economic crisis there……yet God in His rich mercy is feeding His people His Living Bread through Pastor Dube there. Rain has started falling there after severe drought……..yet God has been raining down The Holy Ghost rain during the entire time of severe hardship.

    Please visit our website “Living Hope In Jesus” ( and scroll down the site index on the left til you find the page dedicated to Pastor/Apostle Kimberly Dube. After arriving at the said page, please click onto Pastor Dube’s web site address located several times on the page. Go to his website and then write to him. You will find that you have never met a man of God like him, Bro. Daniel.

    Please give our love to Bro. Bonnke and we give our love to you, also. Please let us know how and when we can go to one of Bro. Bonnke’s Crusades there in Africa. Bonita used to actually pray and cry wanting to go to one. When she looked into it with Christ For All Nations (the Florida location) via telephone several years ago, she was told at that time that the danger level was too high at the time to let others go to the Crusades. The burning of this heart’s desire has not waned, Bro. Daniel. We want to experience The Holy Ghost there at one of the Crusades. Oh, what a day that will be!!!

    Please let us hear from you, Bro. Daniel. Our email is We shall be delighted to meet you. We have tried in the past to contact Bro. Bonnke via email directly (a CHRISTmas card was even sent to he and his wife one year)but we have failed miserably. How we desire for him to know how very loved he is here in this home.

    May The LORD Jesus continue to bless with His favor your glorious and dedicated service to Him. You will never regret a moment you have spent in this lifetime with this labor of love for The LORD Jesus of which you treasure above all else.

    Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
    Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie


    Living Hope In Jesus

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