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(More Pictures to Come)Final Crusade Night – 400,000 in Attendance

I am now on an airplane flying from Benin back to Lagos and then home. Another wonderful CfaN Crusade has come to an end and the Lamb’s Book of Life is bursting with new names.

Each night I preached before Evangelist Bonnke and the response of the people was amazing. On Friday the crowd grew to 185,000. On Saturday it grew again to 325,000 and on Sunday the attendance topped out at 400,000! The swampy field was absolutely packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder. In some places the density was up to 7 people per square meter! One day, after the sun dried up one of the puddles on the field, one of our team members counted over 100 single sandals that had been lost in the mud. The people were not deterred by the uncomfortable conditions. They were content to stand in the mud for hours, shoulder to shoulder with strangers, without food, water or restroom facilities, under the open African sky…for what? To hear a man speak to them from an ancient book about the condition of their souls. This is a phenomenon unique to the Gospel. No other subject on earth has such traction or power. It is truly supernatural.
Next month we will be back in Nigeria in the city of Abakaliki. I am already looking forward to the next harvest. Once again, thank you for your prayers and support.

Agbor, Nigeria Day 1 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 2 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 3 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 4 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 5 (By Reinhard Bonnke)

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