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I hate the expression “the middle of nowhere” because everywhere is somewhere in God’s eyes. But if there is such a thing as the middle of nowhere, I think we are there. Early this morning we left Lagos (Nigeria) and flew to Benin where we loaded into vehicles and began driving to Agbor where the crusade will be held over the next 5 days. On the way we stopped at 3 palaces and visited 3 different kings who, along with hundreds of their subjects, greeted us warmly to their land. Their is a palpable anticipation in the air and a great sense of expectation for the Gospel meetings that will commence tomorrow night.

I love being back in Africa! There is something so raw and oganic about preaching the Gospel in these untamed regions of the world. A ceremonially decapitated body in the road served as a stark reminder today that “we are not in Kansas anymore”. But somehow I sense the favor of the Lord whenever I am in these places. I can hear Jesus saying “Go into all the world…” and I can’t help but think that when he said those words, maybe he was thinking about Agbor, Nigeria. Well we have gone and we have come and all the resources of Heaven are here at our disposal. Please pray for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit and a great deluge of salvations this week.

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    Tear it up Daniel. Praying and believing with you for great meetings.

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