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I’ve just returned from the evening Revival service at Kensington Temple, in London.  K.T. is a world famous church with a rich history and its pulpit has been graced by some of God’s premier men and women over the last 80 years.  Founded by the renowned British evangelist; George Jeffreys, it is a Church that was not only born in “fire”, but continues in that same spirit and has planted 150 churches across London, making it one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most influential church movements.

Today K.T. is pastored by Rev. Colin Dye and it’s Bible School is headed by Roberts Liardon (who wrote the well-known “God’s Generals” books).

I preached in the Bible school this morning and then in the Church service this evening and God moved in a powerful way.  Many people came to salvation in tonight’s meeting and the Lord touched and healed many sick people.  Also, there was such a wonderful presence of the Lord in the school this morning.  I could see tears streaming down many faces as I challenged the students and I really sense that there is enormous potential here for a spiritual revolution across the U.K.  England shall be saved!

I am looking forward to going home tomorrow after a “fortnight” on the road (Im in England remember).  Im tired and loosing my voice, but Im so glad that I came.  Thank you all for your prayers.

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  • Christine Thabot

    Hi Daniel,
    Here is Christine & David from Paris(Temple de Paris) thanks for that powerful message yesterday. Was nice talking to you upstairs with Pastor Colin. Looking forward to seeing you in Paris. Give our Love to your Family as well as to Anni & Reinard.
    I still remember the little eagle & the chics. I’ve gone back to Paris with a fire inside me to touch the French for Jesus!! You did mention you all wanted to have conferences in Paris & Switzerland. Please can you let us know what’s on your hearts. Do keep praying for France we need it. In the last 6 months the local government has shut about 53 Churches in one district. Who knows what is happening all over France.
    Many thanks & God bless you.

  • Lidlilha SILV

    I am in London at the moment, and I heard a lot people talking about kensington temple service but I don’t know where this church is, I have searched in the website but there is no address given, can anyone tell me where this temple is? and if there is one in West London? I am very interested in attending a service. Can anyone help?

  • Victor Tarroni

    I’m really happy with what i saw in this page! I’m from Brazil but i traveled to UK in the 2011 summer, i saw How London and all UK needs Jesus! I pray God that the will of God could be Done in this Land, I love UK and when i see news like this my heart stay overwhelmed! Keep carrying ever the Gospel to UK, don’t give up about this Land, UK needs rediscover Jesus! a hug from a Brazilian Brother

  • Rita Tapsfield

    Brother Daniel

    I was very sad that I was not able to attend the evangelistic meeting in Kensington Temple. I knew that had I been able to I would have been mightly blessed. I thank God that you have been greatly encouraged by the response of the people in London and pray for the fire of God’s Holy Spirit to fall on the people of England so that we may see the power of God in this country transform us for his glory and that many souls be saved for eternity.

    Love in the Lord Jesus
    Rita Tapsfield

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