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Ministry at Kensington Temple, London

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Feb 24, 2010  /     Posted from London England  /     4 Comments

I’ve just returned from the evening Revival service at Kensington Temple, in London. K.T. is a world famous church with a rich history and its pulpit has been graced by some of God’s premier men and women over the last 80 years. Founded by the renowned British evangelist; George Jeffreys, it is a Church that was not only born in “fire”, but continues in that same spirit and has planted 150 churches across London, making it one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most influential church movements. Today K.T. is pastored by Rev. Colin Dye and it’s Bible School is headed by Roberts Liardon (who wrote the well-known “God’s Generals” books).

I preached in the Bible school this morning and then in the Church service this evening and God moved in a powerful way. Many people came to salvation in tonight’s meeting and the Lord touched and healed many sick people. Also, there was such a wonderful presence of the Lord in the school this morning. I could see tears streaming down many faces as I challenged the students and I really sense that there is enormous potential here for a spiritual revolution across the U.K. England shall be saved!

I am looking forward to going home tomorrow after a “fortnight” on the road (Im in England remember). Im tired and loosing my voice, but Im so glad that I came. Thank you all for your prayers.

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Ealing Christian Center & Revelation TV

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jul 12, 2009  /     Posted from London England  /     1 Comment

This morning I preached at one of London’s greatest churches – Ealing Christian Center pastored by Rev. Richard Buxton. The church has a highly multicultural congregation with nearly 100 different nations represented. Services are held in a beautiful facility which was once a famous theater that has been converted and claimed for the Gospel. This morning the Holy Spirit fell in a powerful way in the packed sanctuary. I laid my hands on several hundred people and many received an impartation of Fire.

This evening I preached at Ealing again, but this time I got to do what I love most…preach the Gospel and pray for the sick. There was a wonderful response to the altar call and many received Christ.

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By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jul 11, 2009  /     Posted from London England  /     0 Comment

I just finished preaching in Westminster Chapel of central London – 200 yards from Buckingham Palace. This historic church is the very one once pastored by R.T. Kendall and Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Needless to say, it is a landmark, not only of England but of evangelical history as well.

Tonight the Holy Spirit moved in mighty power and many were saved and healed. One notable miracle took place for a lady who has been on the front page of British newspapers. You may have heard of Nadia Eweida who is embroiled in a lawsuit with British Airways for refusing to allow her to wear a cross. Mrs. Eweida recently said to the press, “I will not hide my belief in the Lord Jesus. British Airways permits Muslims to wear a headscarf, Sikhs to wear a turban and other faiths religious apparel. Only Christians are forbidden to express their faith. I am a loyal and conscientious employee of British Airways, but I stand up for the rights of all citizens.”

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