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During the Fire Conference last week, the Nigerians were flying an “American Flag” on the right side of the platform for some reason. I thought it was so cute. They apparently didn’t have a real one on hand so they just made it themselves and in one stroke eliminated all but 12 of the states:-) I was thinking that’s not a bad idea. I can think of a few states I would like to get rid of myself

This one is actually from the last crusade (Otukpo) where I saw a restaurant with a name that is both delicious and thankful. “God’s Grace Delicious Food Restaurant”

In Brazil we had armored cars with inch thick, bullet-proof glass, but in Nigeria we are protected by people. In this picture we were flying along the dilapidated roads at about 40 mph and guards were hanging on to the SUV – one in front of each window. As the wind blew the jackets back we could see that our guards were not just ushers…they were packing heat. (If you look closely, you will see a 9 mm 1911 handgun holstered on his side) In Nigeria the bullet-proof windows shoot back!

Did you ever wonder what was in those barrels before we burn them? Well…have a look. People bring idols, charms, fetishes ritualistic tools, clothes and all kinds of things associated with witchcraft and the occult. We burn them just as they did in the days of Paul (Acts 19:19)

The witchcraft items in the barrel pictured above are being burned here. I am filming it with my Blackberry. You can watch the video below…

[youtube NbIbNTSWxCc]

This is the video of the witchcraft stuff in the picture above being burned. Its low quality because I recorded it with my blackberry

One of the tech guys took this picture of spider that roomed with him all week. Notice the distinct impression of a face on the abdomen…CREEPY!! We are searching for the perfect name for it. The two suggestions so far are “hairy bugger” and Repunzel…If anyone knows what kind of spider this is, I would love to know.

What you are looking at here is a 240 volt 13 amp electrical outlet (what we would use to power a washing machine in America) but it is installed outside on a deck face up next to a swimming pool. This is very shocking.

Now that’s a hard right turn

The musicians look for innovative ways to keep their instruments from blowing away

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