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Man Raised from the Dead – A Must See!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 30, 2009  /     Posted from Home  /     3 Comments

You have to watch this incredible video! Doctor Chauncey Crandall is a good friend of ours and an anointed man of God who was also one of the speakers at Fire Storm in Dallas (if you weren’t there…you missed out). He is a nationally known and much sought-after cardiologist and heart surgeon. Not only is he a man of science, but also a man of faith. He is known to pray for his patients and lead them to the Lord in the hospital, and he has experienced mighty miracles through prayer…including RESURRECTIONS! This video is a report on channel 7 news about one of his patients that was raised from the dead after having no pulse for almost an hour!

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The Gospel is Not Enough…Really?

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 29, 2009  /     Articles, Devotional, Posted from Home, Teachings  /     6 Comments

One well-known charismatic minister who identifies himself as an “evangelist” published this quote recently in one of his books. “We can preach the Gospel all day long, but that won’t win souls. That won’t win the hearts of the people. We can talk, try to theorize, theologize, reason, argue, debate, and spend time trying to prove that Jesus lived, but that won’t win a heart. How often do we see the religious mindset that believes that the more Scripture quoting, the more yelling, the more hell fire and brimstone preaching, the greater the chance to win someone over for the Kingdom? Likewise, how often do we see people sitting or standing there listening in stone-cold silence or indifference?”

This comment is typical of an attitude I have been seeing more and more in Christian circles recently. There seems to be this contempt for the preaching of the Gospel accompanied by the idea that it simply not enough. Preachers seem loathed to preach the simple message of salvation as though it were beneath their academic level; an insult to their profound intellect. I have seen how some crusade preachers never touch the core elements of the Gospel choosing rather to address social issues and give tips on better living. I have not heard the Gospel coming from the vast majority of the most fashionable preachers on television or the popular preaching circuit. I have heard recently how some have declared that the “Gospel” is really not the message of the cross while another told me recently that he wasn’t even sure how to preach the Gospel.

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By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 25, 2009  /     posted from Dallas Texas  /     3 Comments

Tonight was the final meeting of FireStorm USA here in Dallas, Texas where Delirious, a South African rapper named Cjay, Kari Jobe, Teresia Wairimu and Dr Chauncy Crandell joined Evangelist Bonnke and I in the Dallas Convention center for a weekend of salvation and impartation. Also, tonight Delirious performed their final concert in North America before they split up. It was a special and memorable weekend and we are all looking forward to the next FireStorm USA event in Atlanta this coming April. If you missed this event, make sure to be at the next one.

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