Interesting Pictures from Afikpo, Nigeria

During the Fire Conference last week, the Nigerians were flying an "American Flag" on the right side of the platform for some reason. I thought it was so cute. They apparently didn't have a real [...]

Back in Africa

We arrived in Lagos, Nigeria last night and have spent the day resting, adjusting to the time zone and preparing for the intense week ahead of us. Tomorrow, early in the morning, we depart for [...]

God’s Prescription

If you were suffering from terrible, chronic headaches and you went to see your doctor, he might write a prescription for something like Fioricet. “Don’t worry,” he’d say. “There’s a pill for [...]

Can You Trust The Bible?

Are you intimidated when so-called “Biblical Scholars” attack the trustworthiness of the Scriptures? To preach the Word of God with boldness requires confidence in its authority, and it is upon [...]