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Watch below a recap of Day 5

We have just concluded the final night of all five simultaneous crusades here in Tanzania. I preached last Sunday in the city of Mbeya. The crowd more than tripled from the previous night. There was an electricity in the air, and it seemed that the whole city came to hear and see what Jesus is doing!

The two evangelists stationed in this city were Gary Smith and Daniel Garcia (who graduated from the Evangelism Bootcamp). Both men ministered this week with tremendous unction. I was hearing the testimonies from Mbeya even when I was preaching in other cities. You will hear more of those testimonies from Gary and Daniel themselves in the coming days.

Again, I had the honor of officially graduating the Bootcamp students who have been serving here for the last couple of months as interns. Rather than going home to graduate with the rest of their classmates, they chose to stay in Tanzania after their initiation trip and help organize the Operation Decapolis Campaign. As you will know, if you have read reports from any of the previous nights, there is a group of interns stationed in each of the five cities (27 interns in all who worked under 16 CfaN crusade directors). Each night as I preached in their city, we presented them with their diplomas in front of the massive crowd in the crusade they helped organize. These have been such powerful and emotional moments.

After the short graduation ceremony, I preached the Gospel, reiterating what the other two evangelists stationed in this city have preached each of the previous four nights and concluding with a short message about Jesus – the Resurrection and the Life! What a Holy Ghost party we had! There is no message in the world more thrilling than the resurrection of Jesus Christ! But we didn’t just talk about the power of the resurrection as a past-tense, historical reality. We demonstrated the power of the resurrected Jesus right there on the field! In His name, sickness still bows, and demons still flee! Once again, I worked with the Bootcamp students (now graduates), and we ministered to the sick together. Amazing miracles happened!

  • A woman had a goiter the size of a grapefruit for three years. She was never able to touch her neck without pain. But tonight, that painful goiter completely disappeared! She enthusiastically demonstrated how she could touch the spot without pain!
  • Another woman told us that she had been mad (insane) since 1989. When mental illness was commanded to leave during prayer, her mind became completely clear. A friend of the woman confirmed her testimony, telling us that the mad woman used to walk naked, talk gibberish, swear, and hurt people. Now she has peace in her mind and is completely restored!
  • Another woman had terrible pain in her ear since birth. Her whole life, she could only hear if someone spoke loudly. Yesterday, her hearing returned completely, and all pain is gone!
  • Another lady fell down a year ago, and her leg was very swollen. She limped when she walked all the time. Yesterday she told us that she encountered the presence of the Lord and felt her leg straighten out! Now she can walk without pain and without a limp! She was even able to run on stage!

These are but a small sampling of the many, many miracles that happened tonight and every night in every city throughout the week (25 meetings in all). Over the next two weeks, we will be sending you the reports from each of the evangelists stationed in the five cities. As you will see, many of the reports are mind-boggling! This is nothing short of a move of God!

Thank you for praying for us and supporting this work financially. We are shoulder to shoulder in the harvest!

Yours in the Gospel,
Tanzania shall be saved!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team.

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