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This morning we flew from the city of Morogoro (where I preached last night) to Dodoma (where I preached tonight) for the fourth night of our Operation Decapolis Campaign, where 5 crusades are taking place in 5 cities simultaneously! Here in Dodoma, Evangelists Joe Turnbull and Paul Maurer have been ministering since Wednesday. They have been plowing the ground and planting the seeds. Tonight, I felt a wonderful breakthrough took place. After preaching the Gospel, as soon as I began praying for the sick, demons started manifesting all over the field in extraordinary numbers. Our deliverance team had their hands full tonight.

Then I asked the five interns who have been stationed here, working in Dodoma for the last few weeks (and who also officially graduated tonight), to help me minister to the sick. We saw many amazing miracles take place:

  • One man had problems with his eye, legs, shoulders, ears and heart. He could not see out of his left eye, but his eye opened up tonight, and he can see very well. All of the pain left his body in each place where he was hurting.
  • Another man had a brace on his back. He used a cane to walk and had to use painkillers. He stopped using his cane and the brace and has been completely healed. He stomped all over the stage, showing how his back and legs had received strength.
  • One woman had severe pain in her spine and had to use crutches. After prayer, she was running on stage, showing how she had been healed.
  • Another woman had a heaviness on her and pain in her head. She could not go to university or do what she wanted to do in life because of the constant pain. All of the pain left her body during prayer.
  • Another woman had severe asthma for 5 years, but tonight all of the pain in her chest left, and she could breathe normally!
  • For 22 years, another woman was not able to bend over because of the severe pain she was suffering from. Tonight, she was relieved from this pain; all her mobility was restored.
  • A man also told us that he came Wednesday to the crusade a severe alcoholic. He has not had a drink since he was prayed for and is totally free.

Tomorrow I will fly to the fifth and final city where I will preach this week during our Operation Decapolis campaign. I have already been hearing wonderful testimonies of what God is doing there. I will graduate the Bootcamp interns stationed there and preach one more time.

I also look forward to greeting the Nations Church congregation live from the crusade field. The church doesn’t launch until August 15th, but hundreds of launch team members are already meeting every Sunday morning for Worship and Intercession services. As I prepare to preach in the evening, they will be meeting in Orlando in the morning. Linking the global evangelistic movement with the life of a local church is a very exciting part of what God is doing. Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

Yours in the Gospel,
Tanzania shall be saved!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team.

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